Monday, March 31, 2014

The Break Up Still Stings A Little

Having lunch with Lucas!


I love reading about what's going on at home. Yeah mom I will send more pictures, to be honest I send like all the pics that I take to you guys... yeah I don't take very many pics. But I have a weekly goal this week of taking more pictures. And I thought I sent you pictures of Lucas´ baptism already, I'll try sending them again. But you need to send me pics too!!!!!! Holy cow Macy's emails are long! I don't think I can do that, plus every time I get to the computer my mind just kind of blanks and I forget what happened this past week. But I'll try and be better. Sounds like you're super busy with camp and young womens planning mom, but I'm sure everything will turn out awesome! Like when you did the float for the parade the other year, you were super stressed but it turned out awesome! Holy cow what has Charlie been up to lately? haha I liked the comment about how you were hoping the injuries were more extreme so that you would have to just put him under. I think that I am allergic to cats and dogs too, cause we went over to Lucas´ house the other day and I was touching his dog and cat and my eyes were itching for the whole rest of the day. Sounds like drill is crazy... like always!!! and sounds like Bo is starting soccer season, super mad I'm not going to be there to watch him. You guys will have to send me some pics, especially of the sports goggles those sound sweet! Dad I'm super proud of you for sharing your testimony, you da bomb! And yeah you better keep practicing your golf game... a lot! Cause I'm not going to let you kick my butt easily when I get back. The disciplinary council sounds super interesting. I can only imagine what that experience would be like, but it is so wonderful how everyone can change their life around no matter what the situation. That is something that I have come to see and realize a lot in the mission.

Okay so I´ve got some bad news, Luisa died... 

Okay she didn't die physically, but she did drop us yesterday. It was actually kind of funny, I shouldn't say that but it kind of was. So we had passed by a couple times early in the week, and we thought things were going pretty well. Well she kept telling us that she was going to pray to find out if she should continue taking the lesson. So we go to verify if she had prayed and to see what was going on and she told us that she didn't get an answer when she prayed so she took that as a no, that she shouldn't continue. Well we tried to explain to her how we receive answers and we told her that it is through our feelings. We then asked her how she feels after praying and asking, and she told us that she feels good that she always feels good when she prays. So we explained to her that that is her answer, and we left her with the commitment to keep praying. So the next day we go back to verify and see how she is doing. Knocked on the door, but no one came out. Then her grandson came home and went inside to see if she was home and came out with a note from her. The note said something along the lines of this, ¨Brother Mormon I have taken the decision not to study anymore don't bug me anymore -Luisa¨ It was pretty funny because the grammar was super horrible and we couldn't understand the handwriting and what she wanted to say for like 5 minutes. Then after trying to read it for a while we figured it out and just started busting out laughing because of how blunt it was! Like come on Luisa, you could at least be a little nicer on letting us down. The ¨break-up¨ still stings a little :( 

Other than Luisa we don't have many investigators, but we do have two people that I feel have a lot of potential. I don't know if I have talked about them or not, but they are named Endira and Leonardo. They are brother and sister. We found Endira first. She is 23 years old and has two sons and has recently broken up with the dad. Leonardo is 25 years old and lives with Endira and her boys. Leonardo was a professional soccer player for a half-decent team, which is pretty cool. But anyways they are seriously just the coolest and nicest people ever. We haven't been able to have much contact with them but i really feel like we can help them if we can just talk to them. I'll let you know how they are doing next week

Well I love you all more than you will ever know! 
Have a great week
Elder England


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