Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Of Your Friend's Is Dating Your X

Hey pals!

Thanks everyone for the B-day emails, I appreciate them all very much! Haha I like the instagram pics too, (Thank mom for attaching those to my email) - wow 259 likes mags;) Sounds like things are great at home, and darn you should totally come to THIS Florida it's pretty much the same as the Orlando Florida except there isn't a beach or Disneyland and it's a little more dirty and there are like a million dogs. But anyways sounds like Nationals will be a blast! And I'm sure mom killed it on her talk, and yeah I totally want a copy! Maggie and Sophie, good job on finishing up the tri strong - I have actually realized lately how much I procrastinated in high school, it was bad. But it's the final grade that counts right? Way to go Mags and Soph, just the way I taught ya;) 

Okay so Lucas is super awesome!!! He is like dad said a "golden investigator". I actually have a picture of him, I'll send it to ya. But he came to church last Sunday and loved it and came to a baptism that the sisters had and has just been asking us when he is going to get baptized. He has a date for next Saturday so I'm praying that eveything turns out good with him!

Lucia on the other hand just kind of dropped us. The thing is that she is still super busy with her work and just didn't really want to make time to meet with us. Well Elder Ochoa and I were thiking earlier in the week, and we decided to give her to the Hermanas in our ward. Cause - okay here's the deal, when we got here Lucia had already been meeting with the Elders that were in our area, but recently after getting here we changed the proselyting boundaries between us and the Hermanas and Lucia now lives in their area. But even after we changed the boundaries we decided that we would still keep teaching her cause we had already had a couple charlas with her. But then after all this in the past couple weeks we have decided it is best that the sisters start teaching her, because also Lucia met one of the sisters already and they really got along cause they both are really into music. Lucia is actually like in love with this Hermana, haha like whenever we would call her to set up charlas at the end Lucia would say okay say hi to your companion oh and to Hermana Berrios too. I'm actually pretty happy cause I am 99% positive that Lucia is going to get baptized soon. Haha Elder Ochoa is our district leader and so he talks with the hermanas to verify every night, and they were talking to him about Lucia and how they had an awesome charla with her or something, and Elder Ochoa was like "You know that feeling that you get when you here that one of your friends is dating your x girlfriend and someone tells you all about it? Well that's kind of how I feel". It was super funny, but we are both happy. 

So President Cook should be getting her this next week!!! I'm super excited to meet him, and actually have a President! I think I'll get to know him fairly well seeing that I'm in his ward. Oh guess who I saw?!!! So we were at the church for the sisters baptism and some missionaries from the other mission were going to the temple and I saw Elder Devashrayee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so darn excited to see him, it was way weird though. I can't believe that it's already been like seven months since I saw him. Anyways it was super sweet!

I love you more than you will ever know! Have a great week! Stay sweet!

Elder England

This is Lucas, Es un capo!

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