Monday, April 7, 2014

The Sneaky Thing Got Away

Elder Tucker and I just hit our 9 month mark!

Hey famry - 

Haha I love the pics! Sweet goggles dude, and Soph that is stinkin hilarious. And wait up a sec is Mace sending all that on like an ipad or something cause I heard that the state side missions have ipads. Dad the car looks sweeeeeeet! I always remember you laughing and how much I use the word sweet. What else is going on with everyone else? I'll be honest I'm not very good at writing you guys personally but I'll start to try and send personal emails every once in a while... and you guys should email more, yes that means you siblings and Dalt! At least we can all agree that conference was the biggest highlight of the week. It was so darn awesome! 

Conference is so much better in the mission, I think it is just because I am a lot more focused here. I seriously learned so much. However, I greatly miss going to Priesthood with you dad. Those are memories that I'll never forget. I personally really liked Elder Bednar's talk about the atonement and also Pres. Eyring's in the priesthood session about priesthood models and idols. Unfortunately we didn't get any investigators to watch conference as far as I am aware. We actually had a great lesson with Endira and Leonardo earlier this week, but then we couldn't find them home or get in contact with them for the rest of the week. We tried calling and texting them but don't really know what is going on. I really hope that we can get in contact with them today or sometime soon, cause we don't have anyone other than them that is progressing. But I plan on sharing something from conference with them once we find them!

Funny story that I forgot to tell last week. So it's nine oclock and we arrive at the door and as I pull the keys out and go for the door I see something run in front of me and into a whole by our front door. It was relatively small so I assumed it was a kitty! But after shining a light in we found out it was a possum!!!!!! Then we being smart trapped it in there so we could catch it after planning. So resuming after planning Elder Ochoa armed himself with a glove and a scarf rapped around his arm so the freaky thing can't bite him. Anyways he tried to reach his arm in and grab it but was to wussy, then it ran out of the hole and he snagged it! And right then I smelt the most fowl thing I have ever smelt! I don't know if it pooped it's pants or just farted or released some poisonous gas but it was nasty.... and yes I did get all this on video but it's kind of dark so I'm not sure if you can see. But I got a good pick of the devilish thing. So yeah that was quite exciting, I was kind of hoping to keep it as a pet but the sneaky thing got away. 

Okay Uruguay fun fact of the week. I don't know if you know what matte is but everyone here does and they are always drinking it. Not only do they just drink it but they carry there cups and thermases (don't know how to spell that) everywhere! For those who don't know what matte is just go get some grass and grind it up and put it in a cup with some hot water... oh wait you could try putting in some sugar too. I personally don't like sugary grass water but the people here do, but I still love them.

Anyways have an awesome week, love you all more than you'll ever know!
Elder England

The possum!

Pics of conference! It was awesome!

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