Monday, March 31, 2014

The Break Up Still Stings A Little

Having lunch with Lucas!


I love reading about what's going on at home. Yeah mom I will send more pictures, to be honest I send like all the pics that I take to you guys... yeah I don't take very many pics. But I have a weekly goal this week of taking more pictures. And I thought I sent you pictures of Lucas´ baptism already, I'll try sending them again. But you need to send me pics too!!!!!! Holy cow Macy's emails are long! I don't think I can do that, plus every time I get to the computer my mind just kind of blanks and I forget what happened this past week. But I'll try and be better. Sounds like you're super busy with camp and young womens planning mom, but I'm sure everything will turn out awesome! Like when you did the float for the parade the other year, you were super stressed but it turned out awesome! Holy cow what has Charlie been up to lately? haha I liked the comment about how you were hoping the injuries were more extreme so that you would have to just put him under. I think that I am allergic to cats and dogs too, cause we went over to Lucas´ house the other day and I was touching his dog and cat and my eyes were itching for the whole rest of the day. Sounds like drill is crazy... like always!!! and sounds like Bo is starting soccer season, super mad I'm not going to be there to watch him. You guys will have to send me some pics, especially of the sports goggles those sound sweet! Dad I'm super proud of you for sharing your testimony, you da bomb! And yeah you better keep practicing your golf game... a lot! Cause I'm not going to let you kick my butt easily when I get back. The disciplinary council sounds super interesting. I can only imagine what that experience would be like, but it is so wonderful how everyone can change their life around no matter what the situation. That is something that I have come to see and realize a lot in the mission.

Okay so I´ve got some bad news, Luisa died... 

Okay she didn't die physically, but she did drop us yesterday. It was actually kind of funny, I shouldn't say that but it kind of was. So we had passed by a couple times early in the week, and we thought things were going pretty well. Well she kept telling us that she was going to pray to find out if she should continue taking the lesson. So we go to verify if she had prayed and to see what was going on and she told us that she didn't get an answer when she prayed so she took that as a no, that she shouldn't continue. Well we tried to explain to her how we receive answers and we told her that it is through our feelings. We then asked her how she feels after praying and asking, and she told us that she feels good that she always feels good when she prays. So we explained to her that that is her answer, and we left her with the commitment to keep praying. So the next day we go back to verify and see how she is doing. Knocked on the door, but no one came out. Then her grandson came home and went inside to see if she was home and came out with a note from her. The note said something along the lines of this, ¨Brother Mormon I have taken the decision not to study anymore don't bug me anymore -Luisa¨ It was pretty funny because the grammar was super horrible and we couldn't understand the handwriting and what she wanted to say for like 5 minutes. Then after trying to read it for a while we figured it out and just started busting out laughing because of how blunt it was! Like come on Luisa, you could at least be a little nicer on letting us down. The ¨break-up¨ still stings a little :( 

Other than Luisa we don't have many investigators, but we do have two people that I feel have a lot of potential. I don't know if I have talked about them or not, but they are named Endira and Leonardo. They are brother and sister. We found Endira first. She is 23 years old and has two sons and has recently broken up with the dad. Leonardo is 25 years old and lives with Endira and her boys. Leonardo was a professional soccer player for a half-decent team, which is pretty cool. But anyways they are seriously just the coolest and nicest people ever. We haven't been able to have much contact with them but i really feel like we can help them if we can just talk to them. I'll let you know how they are doing next week

Well I love you all more than you will ever know! 
Have a great week
Elder England


Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Art Museum

We went to an art Museum last P-Day but it turned out to
be kinda really lame - BUT, we made it fun!!!

Elder Cutler fell asleep on the bus ride home!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She Is 91 Years Old!

Once a U fan - Always a U fan!

Hey yall!!!

Sounds like the B Day week was great, other than the cat incident - haha. If only we had it on film. Darn the Utes didn't make it, I really thought they were going to do it. We´ll get it next year! Wow 38 on the drill team, and Annie and Maddie made it!!! That is so awesome. Congrats girls. 

Anyways same old same old here. Actually it is starting to cool off a little bit... darn it! I feel like this winter is going to be a cold one. Oh I was going to ask you if you could possibly send me some real long johns or thermal pants. Elder Ochoa says he has like 4 pairs and that they are magical. But yeah I figured I'd rather think ahead than behind. 

This week has been pretty good, we have actually found some people that have some potential to progress. But sadly for most of them it's hard for us to find them a second or third time. Here in Carrasco a lot of the people are working a good portion of the day. But we found this one lady that seems to me that she is going to progress. Her name is Luisa and she is 91 years old! and I love her. We have had like 2-3 lessons with her and she is actually really bright and seems to remember a lot of what we have taught, which is quite surprising because first of all she is 91 and second the average Uruguayan doesn't listen very well. They like to talk more than normal. But Luisa listens fairly well. But seeing that she is Uruguayan she does like to talk to, thankfully she listens during the lesson and then just starts talking after. Haha in the second lesson after we finished teaching she went off and told some like 20 min story about how she made homemade cheese which did not relate to anything - but I found it quite amusing. 

Lucas is doing super awesome! He has actually been coming with us to proselyte for a couple days. And we have eaten lunch with him twice this week. The first time we made mac and cheese and the second time we made some tacos that were really good. I'm pretty much a pro cook now ;)

But yeah that is pretty much what's going on around here. Oh we had interviews with President Cook and I thought it went really well. I got to know him a little better and he got to know me too. Sister Cook was talking to each of us when our comp was getting interviewed so I got to talk to Sister Cook too. They really are just fun-loving/easy-going people. I'm excited to spend the next 15 months with them. 

I can't really think of anything very funny that happened other than Elder Ochoa locked himself in our bathroom the other day and was freaking out! The thing was that we got home and went to the bathroom and then we were going to plan. Well, I went the the bathroom in our upstairs bathroom and then went to our desks but then I heard my comp yelling my name to help him. He was lovked in the bathroom for like a solid 10 min. It reminded me of that one time Dalt got stuck in the bathroom in Italy and was about to scale the side of the building to get out. I was seriously laughing so hard! Yeah don't worry, I got a video :)

Anyways I love you all, have a wonderful week.
Sincerely yours,
Elder England

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Just Trying To Follow The Prophet's Example

Lucas' baptism!  He is awesome!

 Haha - Weekly planning gets a little long sometimes :)

Happy B day Bo!!!!!! 

I'm super jealous that you're going to Extreme Airsports, I love that place! And sounds like you're set for soccer season. Something that I'm stoked for when I get back is to go to all of your soccer and sports games. Hope you have an awesome day dude!

Sounds like Mace is killing it in Boulder, baptizing and helping everyone! That is so cool that you had dinner with a family that knows Mace, that kinda shocks me and makes me realize how close you guys are. I'm super jelly I wish you could have dinner with some families from here... maybe some day.

Anyways so LUCAS GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was super awesome, and he seriously is such an awesome kid. The whole ward is astonished at how awesome he is. And President and sister Cook came to the baptism, so I got to meet them. They seem like the nicest people! That's cool that you talked with his sister. Haha so this is an email I got from president today and my response.

President Cook

The baptism yesterday was awesome. Lucas will be a wonderful addition to the kingdom. Please ensure that he receives the priesthood, gets to the temple soon to do baptisms for the dead and gets a responsibility within the ward. I heard some disturbing news yesterday.....(you're a ute fan) :) I know, I know, I shouldn't have brought that up. Let's just keep working hard together. Love you.
15 Mar 2014

England, Davis Rodney

Thank you President, Lucas really will be such an amazing member and missionary. And good news he already got the priesthood on Sunday! We are working to get him to the temple soon. Lucky for him its super close. But you would be correct about the fact that I am a U fan. Sorry to disappoint you President, I´m just trying to follow the prophets example;)
Thanks for all that you do! Le quiero.

He seems like a super funny guy!  I'm super excited to stay here in his ward. Oh yeah, I forgot to even tell you, we had transfers this week.  I guess I didn't even mention it cause I was almost sure that Elder Ochoa and I would just be staying here... and we are!!! I'm super excited for another transfer with Elder Ochoa, we just work really good together.  And the assistans are staying the same so we are living with the same people. 

Oh, do you remember Elder Gallacher from Florida?  Well he is the new secretary of the mission!!!  So he is now in this zone and we see each other like all the time.  I don't know if I told you much about him but he is sooo funny!  He is probably one of my best friends here in the mission, so I'm, excited to see him a lot!

Sad to hear that Jim Gasik passed away, he was an awesome man. I remember one of the times we went down to Delta for a camp he brought his boat and the guys my age and I hung out with him on his boat the whole weekend. He was such a funny and nice easy going guy. Send my love and support would ya?

So someone has a B-Day on the 20th!!! The best mom in the world!!! I miss you so much mom, I don't think I realized how much you did for me until I left. But more than the cooking, cleaning, and laundry you have always helped me to stay on the right path. I don't know how you and dad raised such an awesome family! I love you so much mom, and can't express how grateful I am for all you have done for me.

Well I don't have any more time my hour is up, but I hope you have a great B-Day and that all your wildest dreams come true:)
Well other than Lucas we didn't really have many people to teach, but the last couple of days we have actually found some people that have a lot of potential.  So I'll let you know how they progress next week.  

Well I love you all!  Have an awesome week!

Elder England

We went to this place called 

Pretty cool place...
This guy loves his job!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lucas Is Getting Baptized Today

The streets of Carrasco

Hey Fam!!!

Thanks for all the emails everyone. Hey Utes basketball is actually doing pretty darn good, and yeah I was totally thinking about when we went to Austin this week cause we talked to some guy who lived in Texas and I thought back to when we went to Texas. So it turns out that Elder Ochoa is an ASU fan so that might be a little set back in our relationship now that we are in the PAC 12, but I'll try and look over it. Anyways sounds like the nationals trip was awesome, geez they asked them to dance at awards and gave them a standing O. Sounds like the best drill team in the nation to me! 

Lucas is getting baptised today!!!!!!!!! I seriously can't explain how grateful I am for him. He is such an awesome kid, and I know that he is going to be such an awesome missionary and member for the rest of his life. He has actually had a pretty rough life. Turns out that his mom was into drugs and he lived with his grandparents for the first 15 years of his life because his mom was at a rehabilitation center in the US. And then his mom came back and they didn't really get along so he ran away to his uncles house and that is where he is now. It is hard for me to believe what he has gone through is true because he is such a positive person. He really is such an awesome example to me. Today is a great day!

President Cook got here on Thursday, but I haven't met him yet, but he sounds really great. I'm guessing I'll get to meet him on Sunday. Oh and transfers are this next week!!!! This transfer really went by so fast! But I don't think that they are going to change me or my companion. But we will see...

Someones B day is coming up this next week!!!!!!! Bo I hope you have an awesome day, I seriously can't believe how big you are. I remember the first day we saw you in a Guatemalan hotel with your little train outfit and whole head of hair! Bo you are always going to be my best bud and one of my biggest examples. Keep working hard in everything you do! I love you dude, have an incredible day!

I love you more than you will ever know!
Elder England

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Of Your Friend's Is Dating Your X

Hey pals!

Thanks everyone for the B-day emails, I appreciate them all very much! Haha I like the instagram pics too, (Thank mom for attaching those to my email) - wow 259 likes mags;) Sounds like things are great at home, and darn you should totally come to THIS Florida it's pretty much the same as the Orlando Florida except there isn't a beach or Disneyland and it's a little more dirty and there are like a million dogs. But anyways sounds like Nationals will be a blast! And I'm sure mom killed it on her talk, and yeah I totally want a copy! Maggie and Sophie, good job on finishing up the tri strong - I have actually realized lately how much I procrastinated in high school, it was bad. But it's the final grade that counts right? Way to go Mags and Soph, just the way I taught ya;) 

Okay so Lucas is super awesome!!! He is like dad said a "golden investigator". I actually have a picture of him, I'll send it to ya. But he came to church last Sunday and loved it and came to a baptism that the sisters had and has just been asking us when he is going to get baptized. He has a date for next Saturday so I'm praying that eveything turns out good with him!

Lucia on the other hand just kind of dropped us. The thing is that she is still super busy with her work and just didn't really want to make time to meet with us. Well Elder Ochoa and I were thiking earlier in the week, and we decided to give her to the Hermanas in our ward. Cause - okay here's the deal, when we got here Lucia had already been meeting with the Elders that were in our area, but recently after getting here we changed the proselyting boundaries between us and the Hermanas and Lucia now lives in their area. But even after we changed the boundaries we decided that we would still keep teaching her cause we had already had a couple charlas with her. But then after all this in the past couple weeks we have decided it is best that the sisters start teaching her, because also Lucia met one of the sisters already and they really got along cause they both are really into music. Lucia is actually like in love with this Hermana, haha like whenever we would call her to set up charlas at the end Lucia would say okay say hi to your companion oh and to Hermana Berrios too. I'm actually pretty happy cause I am 99% positive that Lucia is going to get baptized soon. Haha Elder Ochoa is our district leader and so he talks with the hermanas to verify every night, and they were talking to him about Lucia and how they had an awesome charla with her or something, and Elder Ochoa was like "You know that feeling that you get when you here that one of your friends is dating your x girlfriend and someone tells you all about it? Well that's kind of how I feel". It was super funny, but we are both happy. 

So President Cook should be getting her this next week!!! I'm super excited to meet him, and actually have a President! I think I'll get to know him fairly well seeing that I'm in his ward. Oh guess who I saw?!!! So we were at the church for the sisters baptism and some missionaries from the other mission were going to the temple and I saw Elder Devashrayee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so darn excited to see him, it was way weird though. I can't believe that it's already been like seven months since I saw him. Anyways it was super sweet!

I love you more than you will ever know! Have a great week! Stay sweet!

Elder England

This is Lucas, Es un capo!