Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Was So Perfect

Yeah Mace is sups jelly of my shirt!

 Me and Elder Ochoa in front of the Temple


Wow everyone is speaking in church, except me! At least for the moment I'm not. But It's probably because our fam is so awesome. Oh I got the package!!! and I took my better judgement on this one and didn't wait until my Birthday to open it:) But I loved it! The photo book is awesome, just like Mace said I am always looking through it. And the bowling shirt... I think the other Elders were a little scared of how excited I was to get a bowling shirt, but it's stinking awesome! haha So I was just thinking to myself when I was looking through the book, and I was thinking "Ya know I kinda wish that my fam wasn't so awesome cause then I wouldn't miss them so much". But I guess I'll just have to live with being away from you guys for now. Hey I just got another package right now, and it's from Claire Dieterle! haha I haven't opened it yet, but Thank You Very Much Claire - you are the best!

Okay so we were going to have Lucias baptism this week, but it just didn't happen :( She came to church on Sunday and was super ready to get baptised and everything. But I think when we announced her baptism in sacrament it kind of freaked her out. Anyways I talked to her on the phone Sunday night and tried to explain everything and make her feel comfortable and ready, and I thought after that call that it was all going to be great so I set up a lesson for the next evening. Well she is super busy with her job right now, and ended up canceling that lesson. So then we set a lesson up for the nest day, but the next day she ended up canceling on us again, and that happened EVERY day until today! We have talked to her on the phone; I think every single day, but haven't actually seen her in person since Sunday. The thing is that she says she is super stressed with work, and i think she was a little stressed about this too, and she has been super busy this whole week. So that was really hard, and now we are just trying to set something up so we can talk to her in person. But I know that she is going to get baptized, I just hope that we can help her to do it this next week, cause she is totally ready!

So other than Lucia we actually have a couple other solid investigators. One is Lucas who is this 20 year old kid, (I think he is 20), but he is super awesome!!! I was actually on divisions when Elder Ochoa and another Elder found him, but we have actually had two awesome lessons with him. And guess what! So in the first lesson we invited him to pray and read, and so he did and in the second lesson he told us, ¨I dont know if you guys are going to believe me, but I prayed last night and just felt good! Like it was just a happiness that I felt right after I prayed!¨ Elder Ochoa and I just looked at each other and almost started laughing cause it was so perfect. Turns out Lucas has a relative who is LDS and he had been wanting to learn more about us, and then the Elders found him on the street. I really am so grateful for the opportunity that they had to find him, he is a steller kid and I know that all of this is going to change his life. So I'll let you guys know how he is doing next week.

But yeah that's pretty much it, we are actually thinking/trying to work with the members more here so I'll let you know about that next week too. Oh the assistants are Elder Hatch from Chandler, Arizona and Elder Cutler from Draper, Utah - they are awesome guys and I love living with them. But yeah that's what's up down here in Carrasco.

Well have a great week, love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

The temple was awesome!!!!!!!
And I made some yummy french toast with bacon :)

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