Monday, March 30, 2015

We Have Our Hands Full


The trip sounded amazing. I love the pics. That's too bad uncle Todd running his new car off the track. But it sounded pretty fun. Darn I just saw that Elder Perry sent me an email rubbing the loss in my face. I'm very pleased with what the UTES did though. 

So I love Durazno and Elder Miles. We are about 3-4 hours from Montevideo, whereas Rio Branco was a good 6 hours out. Durazno is really pretty though. There are trees lining every street in the city. It's pretty nice cause it gives a lot of shade. My house is nice too, and I love the missionaries in my house. So Elder Miles is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I don't think that that is Macy's mission. But something interesting about Elder Miles is that he is a convert of about 3 years. He is in his last change, so next change I will have a new comp. He is a really hard worker though. We already get along great and are super excited to work hard and be examples for the zone. We have 20 missionaries in total in Durazno and 3 district leaders. I feel great about our leaders and about the next month. 

Wow we have so many things coming up. So this week we have something called concilio. It is where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders go to Montevideo and have a council about the mission. We have that tomorrow. Then we have general conference. Then the week after we have stake conference in the Durazno stake. Then the week after that we are doing a big open house in our church. The Burnetts (senior missionaries from Sandy Utah) travel the mission doing open houses in all the churches, and we have one planned in our ward for the 18th. Then we are having a conference with one of the twelve apostles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn't tell us who it is going to be. But we will have that conference in Montevideo on the 21st of April. It is going to go by really fast! But we will definitely have our hands full. 

I really like the area. The ward is also a lot stronger and more organized than Rio Branco. I think it is mainly because it is larger and in a bigger city. Usually the zone leaders are in the stake centers, but we aren't. But the stake center is here in Durazno pretty close. We don't have anyone super firm for right now, but we do have potential. Over the past couple days I have mainly gotten to know a lot of the members. They all seem very excited to be a part of the open house and to invite friends to general conference. 

I haven't heard much about Rio Branco since I left, but I am going to write Elder Perry to find out what is going on there and how Marcela is doing. 

I got the Easter packages, and I love them. Thank you!!! Elder Martinez one of the elders in my house and I are always shooting each other with the nerf guns. It's pretty great. 

Oh and get this... we have air conditioning in our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that it is like one of the two houses in the whole mission that have it. But it is wonderful. The mission has helped me a lot to recognize all the blessing that before I so easily took for granted. Be grateful for air conditioning. But it is acutally cooling off a little, so I don't think that we will be using it for very long.

Anyways I love you all very much, more than you will ever know!

Elder England

also my camera is dead... sorry no pics

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