Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hello crazies!!!

Glad to see that you're still you' re weird selves. Lot's of times I feel like I don't even know you guys anymore because you look so different. I can't believe the school year is almost over, and Mags is graduating. School here is just starting, this last week was their first week. 

So I'm writing from Montevideo, we had to come so that my comp can sign for his Visa. We woke up at 2:00 in the morning and onto a bus for 6 hours just to come and sign a paper then we get to take another 6 hour ride back. YAY!!! haha just kidding it's not that bad, I sleep most of the way.

Come on Utes! I hope they can stay strong... but don't worry I' ll be praying for them, and you all know that missionaries prayers are always answered. 

Last week really was great. This one was too. Maybe not as memorable, but it was good. We are still all trying to make the adjustments to our work and our areas, but we are doing really well. As a zone the Lord helped us to reach our baptismal goal of 7 baptisms, and we also set a goal for reactivated families. The goal was 7 as well, and the Lord helped us as a zone to reactivate 8 families. I really feel like we are all working more efficiently. 

For this month we have a baptismal goal of 9 and the goal of 9 familias rescatadas. If we keep working like we are. I think we'll get there. Something Elder Vinas taught a lot was the need to respect people's agency. He said that our responsibility is to invite not to convince. There are so many things that we are still learning from the conference that we had. Something that is changing though is that for investigators to be baptized they only needed to go to church twice at least to sacrament meeting. But now Pres. Cook and the leaders of the mission have changed it to 3 times and they need to go to all 3 hours. I really like this change. I think that it will help us to baptize better, and retain those converts.

I had another awesome experience in church this week. Unfortunately Marcela and Nicolas didn't come to church. We had set up to go by and walk with them, so we went by but no one came out. They said that they just slept in. We will see how we can help them this week. But in the second hour of church we had a class with all of the youth, and acutally there were a good amount of youth, and as I looked around I realized that all of them were recent converts. It was just a cool experience to see that these baptisms are going strong. We are planning of giving Rafael the priesthood next Sunday! Enzo and Marcos passed the sacrament together again this week. They are studs, oh and Marcos got called to be deacons quorum pres. I'm pretty sure he's stoked. Oh and get this Marcos brought his 6 year old sister to church and she went to primary and said that she loved it. Haha I think that that could help us to get more contact with his family. That shows a lot to me though that they are willing to let there 6 year old daughter go to church with Marcos. Unfortunately Marcos´ dad works a lot and isn't home like at all, but we are definitely going to try to have contact this week. It's so funny though, we ask Marcos what he has been doing to share the gospel and he says that he just takes his Book of Mormon and goes and sits right next to his mom or dad on the couch and reads out loud... it's super funny. But he said that he has shared videos and other stuff as well. I think there is a lot of potential there.

That is pretty much the scoop though. I love you all very much, more than you'll ever know. Have a great week.

Elder England

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