Monday, March 16, 2015

Pretty Great


HAPPY B-DAY BO, AND MOM!!!!! I still can't get over how big Bo looks. I really like the England jersey. Sounds like the weekend went well. You all look sooooo old. What the heck? But I know you are all the same people cause Mags has a Funion bag in her hands!

So this week has been pretty great. Elder Vaatuitui likes to give me crap for being so old in the mission. He always tells me I'm dying. Haha whenever someone asks me how much time I have been serving I just say about a year and a half, but then my comp just laughs and calls me a liar. However, I think I'm convincing myself to think that iIstill only have like a year and a half in the field.

So Eduarda went to church yesterday. She is progressing quite well. Marcos is also helping a lot. Oh get this! So the young women's in the ward put on a skit for the Relief Society on  the anniversary of the Relief Society, and Marcos was Jose Smith and Eduarda was in the skit too. They performed it... well we performed it at an activity that was on Friday  (Yeah that's right, Elder Perry and I had like one line each). I wish I could have gotten photos, but I forgot my camera. It was way funny, they jelled Marcos´ hair to look like Joseph. The only thing that is holding him back from getting baptised is his parents. We are working to have more contact with them. But they talking about that, we had a great Charla with Marcos´ mom and grandma. It was so perfect. They were sitting outside in front of their house, along with Anthony´s mom, and we just started talking to them. Unfortunately Anthonys mom had to go inside, but we sat there talking to Marcos and his mother for a good time. And apparently she had already listened to missionaries a long time ago. We should have more lessons with her this week, but the dad is super busy so we aren't going to be able to talk  to him for a while, at least until his work load lightens in like a month.

As far as Marcela and Nicolas. They are doing great, or should say were doing great until Sunday. They didn't go to church. She said that she slept through her alarm... again. I don't know exactly what to do with them. They are really awesome, it's just her work that is stopping her from progressing. She works really late on Saturday nights so it's hard to wake up Sunday's. But we are definitely going to be more direct with her this week, so that she can do everything to make it to church next week.

Things are going pretty great. Elder Perry is surprising me everyday.

Thanks for all the emails, I appreciate them. Love you all more than you will ever know.

Elder England

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