Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm Going To Durazno

Everyone thinks this is just a picture of me,
even though I told them it was my dad!

Goooo UTES!!!!!!!
Holy cow it's happening!!! I totally called it. So Elder Perry is a big Duke fan because he is from North Carolina. But we shall see, I've been talking smack to him. So hopefully the Utes can pull it out.
Dad well done. Haha I loved hearing mom's version of the story. I can totally see dad laughing to himself while carrying drinks up to Family History Center. Twill be a birthday to remember. But I'm glad to hear that you had a great day mom.
So like you already know we have changes this week!!! Turns out I'm going to DURAZNO! My new companion will be Elder Miles. I am also going to be a zone leader. I'm excited for the new responsibility. I really have learned so much from being a district leader. I can't remember if I told you this, but I realized last week just how much being a district leader has helped me. I feel that before the mission I wasn't the most sociable person... haha but as district leaders in our mission we verify with the missionaries in our districts every night. It seriously has helped me so much to open up and feel more confortable talking to people or giving district meetings. I'm really excited for changes. Also a Brazilian elder is coming here with Elder Perry. I actually know him pretty well, and he is really great. It makes leaving here a lot easier.
I wasn't expecting to leave Rio Branco to be so hard. I've really come to love so many people here. As we told Marcela yesterday that I was leaving she began to tear up. She has changed so much. So we were at a point with Marcela where we weren't sure if we should drop her or keep teaching. Well we had a really intense lesson on Thursday I think it was, and near the end of the lesson I still didn't know what to do. But then it just kind of hit me, that we should do a fast with her so that she can make it to church and so that she will know what she should do to be able to follow the gospel. As we mentioned fasting she was all for it. A member had mentioned an experience to her about him fasting and she said that since then she wanted to do a fast. So on Saturday we started fasting. And on Sunday she woke up early, which is really hard for her, and sent us a message saying that she was ready to go to church and that we would see each other there. She went and loved it. I really hope that she can continue to progress and get baptized.
Eduarda went as well on Sunday. Eduarda is not Marcos´ sister, that is Tanya. Eduarda is a friend of Marcos´. She is 13 years old. She is Brazilian, and lives with her mom and step father here in Rio Branco. She is seriously amazing. She is just like Marcos, but a girl. Elder Perry and I are convinced that they are going to get married and sealed in the temple, after serving missions obviously. They are awesome.
Sunday was actually ward conference, and we had a good amount of people in church. We were actually kind of crammed into our small sacrament room, but it was a good last Sunday in Rio Branco.
Elder Perry is so great. He is so ready to take charge of the area and to show his new comp around.
It's getting harder and harder to say goodbye to people and leave my areas. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like to leave the country. Thats' okay though, cause I still have a lot of time left :)
I love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

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