Monday, January 26, 2015


Last P Day it rained so much that there were
some floods in Rio Branco!

I love Bob A!!!

That totally made my day, and yes I aspire to be like him so I will be growing my beard out when I get home. Drill drama. I miss it, but not that much. Mags is a stud, and what?! Already looking for living in Provo! That is super weird. But yeah we need to get on that right when we find out where I'll be going. Justin looks cool, and a little drill will do him good. Mace is so lucky to be so close to her mission, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to Uruguay.

So Elder Perry is awesome. He has been progressing so much. We get along great. However, for our area this week has been kind of hard. Like I explained last week, the Mederos family was being difficult and having challanges. We honestly didn't know what to do, so we planned and studied and did all we could to prepare ourselves for lessons and to make sure that the spirit could be in those lessons to strenghten their faith. But nothing was working. They weren't coming through with commitments and didn't seem to want to listen to us. So on Saturday we were just straight up with them. We explained that we loved them and loved teaching them, but that we couldn't do everything for them. We then asked them if they wanted us to continue passing by and they said no. It was very difficult for both of us, but at the same time we both realized that we had done all that we could and that they had to make their own decisions.

On the bright side, Cristian and Maria went to church yesterday! They are doing really well. They did however feel a little embarrased to enter the church because they were in normal clothes, but we helped them to go inside and feel welcome. Unfortunately, it was really warm in the church and Maria started to feel sick because she is prego. They ended up leaving before sacrament meating, but they got to go to two classes. I hope that they liked it and felt comfortable there. We haven't talked to them but we are planning on talking to them today. But seriously Cristian is amazing. I think I explained a little bit last week, but he really has a way of recognizing the spirit. He told us that the last two Sundays they planned on going, but things just happened. He told us that they have felt a lot of opposition since they've started talking to us, but Cristian just says that it gives him all the more reason to keep listening and talking to us. Oh and they have the cutest little girls ever, I'll try to get some pics for next week.

Okay so I mentioned that the mission is making a lot of changes. Well the biggest change that we made is that we aren't asking the missionaries for their daily nor weekly key indicators. We are still putting goals and woking to reach those goals, but the leaders are not going to be asking for those numbers. I feel that before in our mission, a lot of missionaries worked for numbers, but with this new change we are striving to focus on real conversion. Conversion in all aspects of the work, in other words not just investigators, but recent converts and less active members as well. It is a really awesome time to be in the mission. Here I can literally see and feel that the Lord is hastening his work. (It totally just took me like 2 minutes to think of how to say apresurar in English) It's okay though, Elder Perrys English is still really good so he is helping me.
Every day is going by faster and faster, and every week I realize how little time I have left. I just don't want it to come to an end. I love the mission. Thanks for everything you guys do to support me. 

I love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

Some nasty whirlpools!  I think that there was so much
water that the sewage overflowed in the streets...yum

Cone time!

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