Friday, January 9, 2015

Pancake disaster!

Enzo at his baptism!  He is stud!

Hey Friends,

Happy Birthday old man!!! Corster you are thee best! Seriously dad thanks for always being such an amazing example for me. I love you so much. I can't wait to get home and talk about our missions together and go golfing and stuff. You´re my biggest hero, and like I said in my farewell talk, ¨All I've ever wanted was to be like you¨. Have an awesome day dad.

I love the Coffey's! Super jealous of the bowling night. But holy cow everyone looks so different!!! Chase is huge, and Mamoo and Drew just look super ugly... that's okay though, I still love ya boys.

So the Utes are doing amazing... as expected. Keep cheering em on for me! At least I know that I'll be home for football season.

Rio Branco is doing great! And so is Elder Perry. We are really getting along. He is going to be an awesome missionary. It was so funny, cause the first day we got to our area and went out to work it started pouring. We were just drenched from head to toe from the moment we left the house. But Elder Perry was so positive about it. It really showed me that he is here to work, and nothing is going to stop him from doing that. His Spanish is improving. He said that he studied French for 4 years hoping that he would go somewhere French speaking, but he is learning very quickly.

On Saturday we had a baptism. His name is Enzo. He is another awesome teenager. It is funny because his parents are super supportive and they live right next door to our bishop and have known him since he was little, but the parents are kind of vague. They are happy that their son is going down a good path, but they kind of seem to me that they have already lost interest in their spiritual well-being. We are going to help them though. Enzo is really funny though, he is kind of a shy kid. Even though he doesn't say it, I can tell that he loves going to church. Now we have a good handfull of youth in the ward, and going to church on Sunday doesn't feel like going to a "rest home" anymore.

We are just really excited to start working with all of the recent converts to find baptisms. Marcos is already inviting people to talk with us, he is a stud.

Oh my gosh I didn't tell you about when I tried to make pancakes with the pancake mix you gave me. So it was the day after Christmas, and I decided to make some pancakes for the gang. So I made one for Elder Vaatuitui and Elder Ramirez, then I went to make a another one. So I took the container and before pouring I thought that I would shake it a little, so I started shaking it up and down, but apparently the lid wasn't on all the way and pancake batter went all over my arm and shirt and all over the kitchen. Pretty much there was pancake everywhere except for in my stomach. I was actually pretty mad, and slightly depressed cause after I only had enough batter to make like one pancake. But I have a recipe to make pancakes from scatch. It's not as good, but whatevs.

So yeah things are going spectacularly well here. I love you all more than you will ever know!

Elder England

You can't see the pancake mix very well cause I had already
cleaned a lot of it off, but yeah.....

Just saw this hat in the store today, and thought you would appreciate it dad!
And no, my head has not gotten any bigger on my mission :/

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