Monday, January 12, 2015


Intercambio action... we made brownies

Hello eveyone!!!

Sounds like everyone is doing great at home. Mags keep being awesome and leading the team. Soph and Bo what's up with ya'll? Mace I want pics. Kenna and Dalt I love you two, but I think it's time to have a baby. I can tell that mom wants it a lot. Could you imagine if you had twins like Taylor and Heather? That would be so wonderfully awesome. Dad I am glad to hear that you had a happy birthday, you deserved it. Sounds like the California house is coming along... but not until 2016? That's okay, the time is going so fast that it doesn't even matter. I actually like the idea of coming here in December. I just feel like we would be able to talk with more people and it would be more pleasant, even though it gets really warm. I'm sorry to hear about sister Oswald, I'll keep them in my prayers. And the Utes seem to be doing spectacular (I love saying spectacular in Spanish, the best)

So Elder Perry is doing great like always. We have really been seeing a lot of miracles. I don't know where to start. Okay so on Friday we had an intercambio with some Elders in my district. I was with Elder Petersen (from Idaho) and my comp was with Elder Sunday (from Nigeria). Elder Peretersen and Elder Sunday have actually been having some problems getting along and it has been quite difficult to help them. They seem to be doing better now. But on that intercambio, Elder Petersen and I were walking around our area, and we were looking for a less active family but couldn't find their house. The day looked kind of ugly and it seemed like a storm was coming. Well, while looking for the house a family outside of their house yelled at us saying that we were going to get wet in the rain. So we went up to them and started talking. Right when we asked them if they had talked with missionaries before the dad said that he was already Mormon. Then they invited us inside, and literally right when we walked inside it started pouring. We taught a great lesson. The family is really funny, they are an interesting bunch. But the family consists of the Jose (dad), Susana (mom), Maria (14), Micaela(12), Santiago(3-4), and Synthia(2-3). Maria and Micaela are Susana's kids but Jose is not their dad. Anyways, Susana and Jose are not married but we have already talked to them about the theme, and we invited them to talk and pray about it. On Sunday the whole family came to church. The parents said that they had talked and they want to get married. Oh and Jose is the only member, so we talked about baptism and invited Maria and Micaela to pray about whether they should be baptised, and they both expressed that it is somehting that they want to do. So we put a baptismal date with them both for the 24th. It was such an amazing miracle. And the best part of that day was that it stopped raining while in the charla, and after leaving we didn't get rained on at all.

Oh my gosh, on Saturday Elder Perry and I to had a lesson with Jose and Susanna's family and while we were talking a giant lizard comodo dragon type thing ran by the door. Everyone started freaking out, and we peeked our heads out the door just to see the freaky thing run away. It was crazy!!! Jose was going off about how they are super deadly and poisenous, but after we talked to a member that seems to be more educated that Jose, he said that they aren't poisenous at all. So no worries guys.

Also, we have been teaching a Brazilian girl named Eduarda. She is a good friend of Marcos, our awesome convert. She as well went to church and said that she enjoyed it a lot. ¨Very... very... enjoy¨ However, she is going to visit her father who lives in Brazil for like two weeks. The good thing is that we gave her O Livro De Mòrmon, which as a book of mormon in Portugues. She read everything from the beginning of the book up to the second chapter in Nefi in one day! She is awesome and should be baptised in February.

Things are going good. With the new year we have seen a lot of changes in the mission. But the changes seem very positive from my perspective.

I love you all more than you will ever know. Keep writing
Elder England

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