Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty Great Week

Go Utes!

Rio Branco Uruguay!

Hey clan!

Go utes!!!! So my comp is a big Duke fan, and of course he talks about how great they are at basketball. But hey I get to talk about our Utes as well. Super Bowl sounded crazy. I do admit mom that my  beard may not be as great as Bob A´s so I think I'll just grow my stache out. And we just had our back packs on the front because it was raining. Besides I hardly ever use my backpack, I always use my little side bag, so much better. But I do need a backpack for like conferences and stuff. Bo got contacts? That's crazy!  It freaks me out how big he is getting.

Mom you're totally right! We are so blessed to have the family that we have. The mission has helped me to appreciate that a lot. But it's all thanks to you and dad. Love you.

So this week was actually a pretty great week, up until Sunday. Okay it was great, the only thing is that no one ended up going to church. But here's the scoop. Cristian and Maria and doing great. Oh they found out that they are going to be having a girl. Haha they were hoping that it was going to be a boy, because Maria has five girls and one boy  already. This will be the first kid that they have together, but wow another girl. They are really excited though. They are really progressing. On saturday they were planning on going to church, but stuff happened on Sunday morning... like always. But he said that he got a text talking about a little job opportunity, and they are quite humble financially, so he decided to go see if he could do the job but it ended up raining and he didn't get the job. We talked with them last night and they said they wanted to go. We were'nt able to talk much for lack of time, but the next lesson we are going to teach the sabbath day and explain the blessings that come from living it. I'm really excited.

We are also teaching a brazilian couple. Their names are Emilio and Jecsandra and they have a daughter named Alexandra. They are really nice people. Emilio is really awesome and luckily he speaks pretty good Spanish. Jecsandra on the other hand is straight Portugues. It is so weird cause I can kind of understand her. It reminds me of when I was an oro and learning Spanish. Emilio committed to going to church but did not end up going either. We  havent' verified why yet, but we are trying to talk with them. They have a lot of potential though.

We have been having some good charlas with Marcos and Anthony and Enzo. They have all been out of town, so they haven't been to church for a time, but yesterday we talked with them and they are willing to keep on moving on.  We need to help Anthony and Enzo to recieve the priesthood. That is the goal for this next week, prepare them for that.

We also have a couple other friends of Marcos and Anthony that we are trying to teach. Like Eduarda and Facundo. We will see this week if we can help them to progress.
Well I love you all. I still haven't gotten pics of Cristian and Maria but I will do my best this week.

I love you more than you will ever know!
Elder England

We made Coke floats with the bishop...
well ex bishop...big news -
we have a new bishop in Rio Branco.
He was actually the bishop before, but we are super
excited to work with him.

We made rootbeer floats with coke... 
actually pretty good.

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