Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Really Awesome Week

Zone activity at the beach!
Loved it!

Hey yal!!!

Oh man we just went to the beach for a zone activity to play some frisbie and soccer. I was soooooo tempted to jump in the water, because it is getting really warm. But wahooooooo the Utes pull out the win!!!!!!!!! Sounds like MORP was awesome. Mags send some pics! I bet it was super fun with Chubba. 

Hey thanks with all the BYU info everyone, I'll talk with Pres. but I'm sure that I can write something up on P-Days. Just let me know details ¨asap as possible¨- the office. 

Happy birthday Grand-dad!!!!!!!! 95 big ones! I don't know how many times I tell people that I have a grandpa that is 94, now 95, years old. They are always astonished. I have realized that my expectations have been raised big time as to how healthy people should be in their 80's and 90's because grand-dad is so amazingly healthy. I love you gramps, you have always been a hero in my eyes. I am so grateful for the family which you have raised, we have all been blessed by your wonderful life. 

Mace, you are the best. Tear it up in Foco. Last month!!!... sorry but I know you wont' run out of steam. Just like that talk that you sent me said from Elder Holland, ¨Head up and run to the tape!¨ - ¨Start strong, finish stronger!¨

So this week was really awesome!!! We had two, yes TWO, investigators in church. That hasn't happened in Lomas since I got here. Carlos and Blanca were the investigators that went. Seriously Carlos is so awesome! His mom dropped him off and he went in and went to young mens before we even got there. We however were a little late because we went and walked with Blanca. I love Blanca!!! Okay Blanca is a 92 year old blind woman. We found her this last week, and we had a couple charlas and invited her to church and offered to go with her. Well when we went to go pick her up she was sitting at the door ready to go. She is so funny! The situation is kind of sad with her. She is living with her daughter right now, but her daughter is from Spain and his going back to Spain to be with her husband and kids in a couple of weeks so they are looking for someone to watch over Blanca because they don't have enough money to take Blanca with. Also Blanca told us that she lived in the house that she is living in now with her husband, but he passed away like a year ago or so. When we showed up with her at church ALL the members were talking to her and helping her get from place to place. She is the sweetest lady I have ever met.

And Carlos... he is a stud. We haven't had many charlas with him, but we had a family home evening that we set up with his member friend´s family (the Martinez family). It was great. First the dad of the family had prepared a little something from the primary manual, because he is a primary teacher... but the youngest person there was Mario Martinez who is 14. It was pretty funny though, he was doing some silly games and relating them to life and stuff. It was kind of super random. But  after he turned the time to us and we taught a little about the restoration and showed the restoration movie that is like 20 minutes long. It was a really great lesson, and when we invited Carlos to go to church his answer was just a straight ¨yes¨... okay ¨sí¨ was what he actually said but whatevs. If things go as planned he should be baptised on the 8th. We have talked to his mom, not a lot, but a little. She said that she was maybe going to go to church with him but it was elections here in Uruguay and everyone was obligated to vote yesterday. It was quite a challenge in trying to get investigators to church. We acutally did pretty good, but the district was struggling a little. Seriously I have an awesome district, probably because I have four sisters. The sister missionaries are always so willing to go out and get things done... and they do get things done. To answer your question dad about district meetings, I give them on Tuesday's. That is if we don't have a zone conference or multizone conference with President. It's usually about 3 district meetings per month. Speaking of, I have to prepare mine for tomorrow. Iv'e realized that my procrastination hasn't gotten much better in the aspect of preparing district meetings. I'm trying, that's all I can say:)

As far as the work with members in our ward, our mission leader and us have planned a missionary work activity for the ward this Friday. We set up a guest speaker who just got back from being a mission Pres. in Peru. The idea is that the members can invite someone to go with them. We even made invitations, not to brag or anything but I think that Hallmark would totally hire us if they saw our invitations. I'll let you guys know how things go with that.

I love you all more than you will ever know! Have an awesome week.

Elder England

Elder Brown and me...
Loving the beach!

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