Monday, October 13, 2014

I Am Here To Serve The Lord

We did a service project...we were building a house!
It was super fun!

Hey pals!!!!

WHOOO Utes are ranked 20th! So reading all the emails and hearing your guy´s opinions I think that I want to try and apply to the Y. Mom I would love you forever if you could look into that. Thanks for all the emails. Dalt don't worry I'll always be a U fan. If I ended up going to the Y I would totally wear my Max Hall hates me shirt... Utah Pride! But in all seriousness I want to try and get into the Y. I think the reason that I didn't apply before the mission was that I was scared I wouldn't get in, but now I don't really care. I mean, If I get in awesome and if not then ¨I will take my talents South Beach¨ -Lebron... and by South Beach I mean the U. But seriously thanks for all the advise, I love you guys sooooo much. 

Oh my it is so weird to me that Mace is going home next month... AHHHH!!!! She is the bomb diggity. Mags you should serve, It'll change your life forever! Dad and I agree...It is so weird that you are a senior! Soph what's up wif you? Bo thanks for the email last week... haha yeah I think you are going to owe me 20 bucks. Dalt good luck in Seattle.

Elder Brown has been sick this whole last week with a cold and a cough. It has been really hard for him, and he hasn't had much of a desire to serve. He really is sick and I feel bad that I can't do anything about it, other than push him to give it his all. He has his highs and his lows, but there isn't really a middle ground. I think he might die before the change is over because of how much I'm pushing him. When we get home after planning he goes and lays on his bed and he is out in like 10 seconds. Haha I woke him up five minutes before we had to be in bed to make sure that he had brushed his teeth and everything and he asked what time is it and I said 25 he asked 9:25? and I was like no 10:25. After planning he passed out for like two hours. I love the kid, but if Elder Brown were an animal he would probably be a sloth. However, he has been getting a lot better as far as talking with people in the street.

Andres and his family are the same as they were last week. We set up charlas with him but they always cancel for some reason, and he said that his son and mother who is a less active member were probably going to go to church but they didn't show up. We also found a couple of investigators that had told us that they were going to come to church but not one got there.

After church I was thinking just about the past couple months and I realized something. I am here to serve the Lord. If I can help others while serving, then I will help them. If the Lord allows me to be a part of the conversion of another, then I will be forever grateful.I am here to serve the Lord and to be an instrument in his hands. Whether he uses me to plant the seeds or help the plants grow, I will serve Him... I think that I am just really good at planting seeds so that's what we are doing ;)

A family in our ward told us that they have a referal for us and that she wants to go to church! They acutally invited her to go yesterday and she didn't end up going, but hopefully we can contact her and help her to get to ¨know the mormons¨. I want to see the movie so bad. Elder Brown and I were laughing because we saw in a Liahona that it has a part about a mission mom, and we just imagined them filming our moms. Love you mom!!

I'm excited for this week, we have a multizone conference tomorrow in Montevideo that should be good. I don't know if Presdient has got around to reading Ti Voglio Bene, but I'm going to try and see tomorrow. 

I love you all more than you will ever know. Keep on moving on!
Elder England

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