Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Disappointment - But It Was A Fantastic Week

Halloween cupcakes!

Happy Halloween!!!

So BYU application first, I told president Cook last week and he said that I can take time to write the essays, and he also mentioned that he already completed the online ecclesiastical endorsement. I'll try and get everything done and then send it all next week. Thanks for all the help with this, you guys are the absoute best! 

So Halloween is super lame here, no one celebrates it here. But we did have a ward activity that turned out okay. The idea was that all the members could bring a friend, and a lot of the members told us during the week that they had or were going to invite a friend. However, Friday came around and some members went but as far as non member friends, there were practically none. One of the members brought her mother that was in town and is not a member, and then on Saturday that same family had a baptism for their 8 year old daughter. But Carlos went to the activity so that was good. 

Ugh... Carlos. Get this, on Tuesday he went to mutual with the young men, on Friday he went to the activity, and on Saturday he went to the baptism of this 8 year old girl. But, on Sunday he was a no show :( He told us on Saturday after the baptism when we walked to his house with him that he was going to go. We tried calling him and going by his house on Sunday, but we still dont' know why he didn't go to church. It was a pretty tough day for me, well the first part at least because Blanca didn't go either. Blanca´s daughter told us on Sunday morning that she had been sick and in the bathroom like all night and that she was in bed so she couldn't go to church. So yeah the first two hours of church were quite stressful and frankly depressing. But I just realized that everything happens for a reason. As the sacrament started I felt a change in attitude. Then some members looked at me and told me that they had their neice there and that she wants to get baptised. I was like... haha what?! Her name is Agustina, and we ended up going over to the members house later in the day yesterday and Agustina was still over there. We had a good little lesson with her. Her parents are not members, and have talked with missionaries before but we are planning on going by Tuesday to meet the parents. 

It was a fantastic week, it really was. Blanca and Carlos progressed a lot. I pray that we can get in contact with Carlos today. We did though talk with his member friends who haven't been helping much and we explained to them that they are going to have a big influence on Carlos and are going to be able to help him a lot. So hopefully they can help Carlos out this week. Because Carlos didn't go to church he can't get baptised on the 8th, but I strongly believe that Carlos will get baptised this month, as well as Blanca, and hopefully Agustina as well. For this reason Elder Brown and I have put a goal of 3 baptisms for the month of November in our area. 

Thanks for all the emails, keep em comin. Bo sounds like futsol is awesome, I always kind of wanted to play futsol but never did. I'm sure you are tearing it up. Soph I don't know what is going on with you, let me know! Mags you're awesome, thanks for lifting me up. So what are you thinking for school? And hey I never got pics of MORP. Dad Im' super bummed the UTES lost, but we still have hope! I thought it was really cool that you took Matthew out. I feel bad that I'm not there to help him, but I'm glad I have you to help. You guys are all amazing.

Have an awesome week. I love you more than you will ever know!
Elder England 

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