Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference and Poop Tanks

They have all the Holloween stuff out...Elder Brown didn't want to
put a mask on (party pooper!) haha but right after I took
this picture some guy in the store got mad at me and said
that you can't try masks on! But hey, I got the pic :) 

Hey fam!

First of all Happy B-Day Dalt!!! I hope it was a magical day. Too bad I wasn't there to smoke you guys at Fast Carts. Congrats Taylor and Heather, Reece and Ruby are super cute. Mom thanks for the letter, the email from Mo´s neice was really funny, and I felt I could relate in a lot of aspects. Elder Brown and I always talk about "The Best Two Years" or "The RM"... okay he talks about it because I've only seen each of those movies like twice. But from what I remember they are way more funny now. The UTES won!!! I get quite a few comments from a lot of missionaries just because I'm a Utah fan, but we´ll see what they say after this weeks win. Oh also Elder Hatch one of the assistants that has already gone home has been writing me, and he always told me that I should go to BYU. I wrote him a little about what I was thinking of doing, and he told me no don't go home and go to the U then transfer. Just go right when you get home, it's so much better. Haha I still don't know what I want to do. 

Anyways, as you guys already know it's Tuesday and we got transfers last night!!! I´m staying here in Lomas de Solymar with Elder Brown! I had mixed emotions about transfers, (before we heard where we were going). I led myself to believe that I was going to leave, and I'm not sure why I did that. I think I might have been actually hoping to leave. The thing is that I realized that I haven't seen much success here, despite our efforts and therefore thought it would be better to get transferred to a ¨better¨ area. Conference humbled me a lot! Whenever transfers come I always say to myself (in my head) "I will go where you want me to go Lord". And this last week I was trying to say that in my head, but for some reason my heart wasn't saying that. I think it was the lazy, selfish and prideful side of me that made me want to just leave this area and go to one where I could have success. However, by Monday morning I had a feeling that Elder Brown and I were going to stay here together. I finally accepted in my heart that whatever happens happens and where ever the Lord needs me he needs me there... to help those who are needing help. As of now, I am very excited to stay here! I have already thought of things that I am going to change in the way we work, so that we might see more success. 

Conference was seriously amazing, like mom said to me, It went by so quick. I couldn't get enough of it. I really liked the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf as well dad. It might have been that talk that most humbled me. And I don't know if you guys knew, but one of the Elders that spoke in Spansih is from Uruguay!!! His name is Eduardo Gavarret. All of the members here were so proud after to have heard not only a talk in their native language, but a talk by one of their own. All of us missionaries that were listening in English ran into the other room in the church to listen to his talk in Spanish and it was way better in Spanish. 

The set up for conference was however not as great as conference itself. This could maybe be put in Macy's list of funny things about her Spanish branch. They show conference in two buildings in the stake, and ours just happened to be one of them, even though it is the smallest building in the stake. Well we had given our key to the zone leaders so we figured we wouldn't go over until like 15 minutes before. So we got there 15 minutes before the conference was supposed to start, and there were about 8 missionaries and a handfull of members waiting outside the gates trying to get in. Apparently one of the bishops who was in charge of setting everything up had trusted in his counselors to fulfill the responsibility. But both of these counselors apparently left to go visit family mambers out of town that day. Luckily they got there five minutes before, but we had to set up everything and we ended up missing Pres Monson's intro and the first part of Elder Packers talk. But conference was amazing after that.

Andres and his family are doing good. They were not however able to make it to conference:( We had committed a good handful of investigators to come, but not one of them came. But we did get quite a few less active members to come, I think it was like 10. I'm praying that they can follow the counsel that they heard and go to church next Sunday.

Random stuff from the week: We had to call a truck this week to come suck out all our poop. The plumbing system here is kind of ridiculous. All they do is dig a whole and put a big tank in the ground. Then when you flush the toilet the remains go into this tank. Well we realized that the toilet wasn't flushing very well, and so Elder Brown said that the tank is probably full... Sure enough it was!! We went outside took the lid off the tank and there was all my poop just floating there almost spilling out into the lawn. I got a video of them sucking it all out. Then we asked them where they dumped it, and they said oh we just go past the next city out into this open field and dump it... hmm no wonder Uruguay smells so good:) Haha no it doesn't smell bad... usually. But every once in a while you get some good whifs of something dying. But our poop tank is now empty.

I'm really excited for this transfer! I know that this is where I am supposed to be, my service in Lomas is needed.

Have an awesome week.
I love you more than you will ever know!
Elder England

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