Monday, October 20, 2014

Miracle On The Bus

The lush land in Uruguay!
I'm in there somewhere - 

Hola de Uruguay!!!

What have you guys turned into? My family before the mission would have never just stopped and gone to the Stratosphere. I love you crazy people! ¨And that is a crazy lady...¨ Well done Mags ;) I'm super jealous about the track event, it sounded awesome. And booyah UTES! I can't go to the Y when the Utes are doing so good. No but I think I thought of going to BYU mainly for the environment. As far as what I would study I was thinking business. However, I have no idea what I would do career wise. I wish I could just stay on the mission forever and not think about school. 

For Christmas I need like I said socks, and something great would be sunscreen especially face sunscreen... and not the face gluestick things. Yes I have gotten all of the packages that you sent, and I loved every single one... great job on "While You Were Serving II". As far as food goes I like whatever, but I really like Cliff granola bars and Bugles always make me happy. I will love whatever you send :) I love you!!!

Mace is going to Fort Collins!!! I can't believe they are putting two greenies together to take over her area! However, the new missionaries that have come to our mission have been really awesome! I can tell that missionaries are coming to the mission very perpared to work. Like Macy said if they have the spirit then they can get things done. Love you Mace, you are the absolute best!

This week has been about the same as far as Elder Browns animo. I can't remember how to say animo in English, I think it's excitement or like energy. I feel like my patience is really being tried here. But get this!!!! So I think it was Tuesday some of the sisters in my district (yes I'm still DL) told me that the stake presidency is trying to do visits to less active members in all the wards in the stake, and what they do is someone from the stake goes with a ward leader such as the elders quorum presidency and then there is a missionary as well... Well since this ward has sisters, they wanted a pair of elders to accompany them. So the sisters called me and said all this and said that they would be meeting in the mall at 7:30. So Elder Brown and I went to do divisions at the mall, but it turns out that it was the next day and after calling like four different people they finally told us that there was a misunderstanding and that it was the next day. So we caught a bus back to our area. While on the bus, standing in the aisle because of how crowded it was, I realized that a kid was looking at me. And after like 5 seconds of solid eye contact I realized that it was Carlos! Carlos is a friend of some members in our ward. When I was with Elder Lizaraso we had a lesson with him and were trying to set up a family home evening with Carlos in the house of his member friend, but we never could set it up and the members thought that he wasn't very interested so nothing happened. But we ended up talking for a little and we got off the same stop and he said that we could go by another day. We have a lesson set up in the members house on Wednesday! It was so awesome, and I know that we went to the mall just so that we could take that bus and talk with Carlos! He told us that he wouldn't be able to make it to church yesterday, but he said that the next week he would go. Such an awesome miracle.

We also this last week have found a man named Pedro Muñoz. He is a really humble guy and is actually struggling with drugs because not too long ago he broke up with his wife and he now can't see her nor his 9 year old daughter. We have had a couple of lessons and he is really accepting. From the moment that we found him on the street I just felt a great desire to help him. Mace is so right when she says that when you share the gospel with people you just start loving them, and you grow with them. We have helped him to set goals and we will be verifying hopefully everyday with him. 

You guys are awesome!!! Have an awesome week. I love you all way more than you will ever know!

Sorry I don't have time to send pics, but I will next week.

Elder England

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