Monday, September 29, 2014

I Can't Wait A Whole Week

Elder Brown and me :)

Hey Guys! 

Happy B Day Soph dog!!! I seriously was going to say that last week, but being the horrible person that I am I forgot. However, I hope you had an awesome day. I think I told about everyone yesterday that it was your birthday. Soph you seriously make me so happy, and I can't not laugh when I think about you or look at a picture cause you are just so funny. But mom said that you have grown up the most out of anyone, and I totally agree. It scares me to see my little sister getting so big, but I just want you to know Soph that I love you.

The Europe trip looked amazing!! You two love birds. I like the green pants dad... ¨You look good dude... What?¨ Darn the Utes lost to Washington State. I had actually heard that they beat Michigan so I was all stoked to see how they did this week. It's okay though, UCLA here we come. About college I'm not sure. I definitely need to look for more spiritual guidance. But I was thinking about going to the U and then if I wanted to go to BYU I could maybe try and transfer. But I'm going to be thinking. I'll let you know what I'm thinking. 

Holy cow Macy's emails are so long! How does she have time to write so much. I think she is just better at putting her thoughts into words. But Mace I am really grateful for the blessing that we have had to serve together, it's always a strength to me to know that my sister is out there working hard too.

On Monday Andres sent us a message saying that he couldn't have the lesson and that he was sorry. He then said that they could do it next Monday, and I was like noooooooooooo! I can't wait a whole week! So we called him and set up a charla for the next day (Tuesday). We went by and it turned out that he was the only one home, but we had an awesome charla with Andres. We taught the restoration, and seriously he understood everything perfectly. Elder Brown and I have realized that if we really try and focus on explaining the cycle of God calling a prophet to start a dispensation but that with time the people reject the prophet's and the people fall into a state of apostasy thus forming a need for a restoration or the need for God to call another prophet, it's a lot easier to teach the part about the first vision and the last restoration through Joseph Smith. Anyways it was a killer lesson, and we have another lesson tonight. He said on Tuesday that the only day that the whole family is together is Monday... justo family home evening night:) Unfortunatley he told us that he was not gong to be able to go to church yesterday, but hopefully he will be able to come to conference. Speaking of conference... I'M SO EXCITED! But yeah Andres is really awesome and we went by during the week after Tuesday and he said that he had been praying and that he felt good about what we had taught. Great miracle!!!

Other than Andres and his family there hasn't been much progression with investigators. And as far as Elder Brown's progression I feel it has slowed down. He has been kind of discouraged lately... especially yesterday because it was raining all day and we were drenched. But I was loving it. Like all the streets here flooded and so we were walking in water up to our shins on some streets. But I'm really going to try to help him this week to try and have a more positive attitude. He really is an awesome guy, I just want him to be more awesome. I feel that he is living below his potential. But it's going to be a good week!

Oh the temple was absolutely amazing! Tuesday was a wonderful day, one of the best I've had in the mission. Elder Brown, Elder Ochoa, and I listened to the session in English... so much more powerful. My interview with President Cook went really well. He is such a loving guy. He asked how I was doing with regards to Dean's death, and I told him all about the funeral. He said he would like to read dad's talk. I also invited him to read "Ti Voglio Bene", and he gladly accepted. When we were eating lunch he actually ran and scanned every single page onto his computer so that he could give me my copy back. But he told me that he could see how much our family supports mission service. He said "I can feel the love that a father has for his son when I receive a call from a father asking me to check on his son". (Thanks Dad!) Thanks for all the love and support. I constantly feel that I am the person most blessed in the world... because I am!

I love you more than you will ever know. Have an awesome week!
Elder England

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