Monday, July 7, 2014

If I Am Confident

Happy Fourth Of July...
Sporting my American tie!

Hey Beach Bums!!!

Okay so the song "Mirror" by J T is on right now... yeah I miss music. Okay.. focus... can't get truncky. Haha I loved how you used that word dad. But hey what's up ya'll? Sounds like California is a blast. At least I know that you guys won't be able to enjoy the new house without me. However the dolphin adventure sounds super fun, do you guys remember when we swam with dolphins and they pushed our feet with their noses... yeah that was awesome. Oh no... now there is a U2 song on... I just put some headphones on to block the wonderful worldly music. It doesn't really help but that's okay. However, to answer your question dad I would absolutely love to go to Africa. I might not be able to see some of my friends homecomings but I'll be with you guys so I am totally down. 

This last week has been a pretty good week. It went by super fast, and I can't believe that in a week from today I will know what is going to happen this next transfer. The time is flying by. So Hector and Leticia are doing amazing, we actually have a family home evening with them tonight... and they are going to prepare it. Yeah that's right, you heard me! They are going to prepare it. We are working on getting them through the marriage process. Here it usually takes at least a month to get married.. at best. Darn government system. However they told us that they understand the need to get married and they want to do it. 

Carlos... he is doing really good. we went to his house and walked to church with him. He had a stroke like 3 months ago and he is walking to church... so awesome. Not to mention that yesterday was maybe the coldest day that I have experienced here in the past year. But this past week we realized that unfortunately Carlos is not married:( What is this world coming to? NO ONE IS THIS COUNTRY IS MARRIED!!! okay maybe some are, but it is frustrating. But on the bright side, Carlos´ "spouse" did not listen to us before but now that we mentioned marriage and Carlos talked to her a little, she is now investigating the church! She is actually pretty interested, but was sick yesterday and couldn't come to church. (Something that I have realized about Uruguay is that if they get the slightest cold they think they are going to die! Even a lot of the members don't come to church if it is cold outside. Come on people youre not going to die!!!)
I need to be more loving... I feel like a lot of the times I think to myself ..."Come on people it's not that hard, whats more important?"  But this week has helped me to have more patience.

Gabriel is doing great, we haven't had much contact with him because he is on vacation and hasn't been around. We still aren't sure what we are going to do in this situation but we are definitely going to keep teaching and helping him. 

We have found some other people that could progress toward baptism. One of them is a girl named Karla. We found Karla on Saturday on the street. Karla who is about 22 was walking with her daughter named Melanie who is about 6. I don't think I realized at the time, but they were a big answer to a prayer of mine. Being fast Sunday I was at the time fasting to find people to teach and help get baptised this month (seeing that we don't have many people who are able to get baptised soon). Well as we contacted Karla and Melanie in the street I felt an immediate unity or interest from them in what we had to say. As we introduced ourselves I crouched down and started asking Melanie some questions to get to know them. She surprisingly was very personable and reminded me of a certain Guatemalan kid who would talk to random strangers in San Fran and compliment them on their jackets. (shout out to Bo) But Melanie was super funny and after teaching a little to Karla she told us that she would come to church on Sunday. Sadly she did not come, but she did send a message later in the day telling us that she had slept in. 

I have realized that if I am confident in myself and what I am saying the people are more willing or obliged to listen, and it's a lot less awkward. The mission has definitely helped me to have more confidence in myself and my abilities to help others. I saw that that was something key in this contact with Karla, and the charlas that we have had since then. Hopefully we can continue to find pèople to teach.

Have an awesome week in California. I love you more than youll ever know;)

Elder England

Eating some oatmeal in the kitchen!

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