Monday, June 30, 2014

The Need To Work With Members

The BEST year of my whole life!

Hello crazy vacationers!

So the New York trip looks super fun! I seriously can't believe how old Mags and Soph look. Bo sounds like it's a summer full of soccer. I love the pictures, you guys are goof balls, but I miss ya like crazy. Kenna and Dalt always get double the vacations... not fair. And yeah 1-0 Dalt ;) World cup has kind of lost it's craziness now that Uruguay is out. But they are all mad that they kicked Suarez out for biting. They are also saying that the whole Fifa is wrigged... I think partially just because they lost. But hey the states are still in VAMOS ARRIBA USA! 

So this week was super awesome! The mission has been talking quite a bit about the need to work more with the members, so Elder Bustamante and I at the beginning of the week said that we were going to be better in that aspect. A lot of the times when we plan a lesson and invite members to come either the investigator isn't there or can't or the member can't come... but this week we really saw a lot of miracles as we worked hard to take members to the lessons with us. And guess what?! Hector and his family came to church!!! Hector, Leticia, Iron, Banina, and Maya all came to church and they loved it. Because we had gone by and had charlas with various members they already knew members in the church and the members that we had taken helped so much to help them feel comfortable and welcomed in the church. It was awesome! We have a family home evening tonight with them... so excited.

Gabriel came to church yesterday, he is so awesome and I love talking to him. We also had a meeting with the bishopric and our ward mission leader to talk about Gabriel and what we are going to do in his situation. We didn't really come up with an answer because there are various things that are impeading. For example Gabriel does not live within our ward boundaries but this lady that takes care of him does. Also we don't know if Gabriels family supports him in being baptised. We talked about all these things for a good while. We are all thinking about the situation and we are going to talk more about what we are going to do. But for the mean time we are going to keep talking to him and teaching him the gospel. I think that he is going to get baptised, I just don't know when... hopefully as soon as we can.

We also are teaching a man named Carlos. Carlos has talked to the missionaries before and actually went to church like a year ago but never got baptised because he had problems with the word of wisdom. However, a few months ago he had a stroke. He is recovering really well, and due to his stroke he can't drink or smoke anymore. He also came to church yesterday, and said that he loved it! We put a baptismal date for the 12th, and he accepted it and every time we see him he talks about the 12th and asks us what he needs to do and bring. He is so awesome.

As a zone we didn't do so great this last month in reaching our goal. We only got 5 of 12  :( But we all can see that this last week we worked really well in a lot of aspects of the work and that we are progressing. Hopefully this month we can work harder and be more obedient and more focused on finding, teaching, and baptizing. I can't believe that I have almost been here in this area for a month - it is crazy how fast the time goes. Oh and in a couple of days I will complete a year in the mission! The best year of my whole life!

Have an awesome week with your summer activities. Just know that in a year from now we will be partying it up!

Love ya all more than you'll ever know
Elder England

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