Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Freezing


Hey yo what's up?!!!

So I am freezing my butt off here! Seriously it is so humidly cold here, and the worst part about it is that I think it is colder inside our house than out. The houses are all made of cinder block and therefore don't have any insulation. I am just very grateful for my sleeping bag. The worst part of the day is probably studies. Just cause we are sitting there not moving for a couple of hours. Elder Lizaraso just wraps himself in a blanket, I think I'm going to start studying in my sleeping bag. haha it's the worst having to take my hand out of my glove to flip the page. Once the blood starts flowing from walking it's not so bad. I need to take a picture of the house to send to you guys, I'll do that this week. 

But hey sounds like Bo is killing on his new team that's awesome! Summer fun just keeps comin. Send some pics of Rosanna's sister, I want to see her. And when are Dalt and Kenna going to have kids? I want to be an Uncle.

So this week has been a little longer than the others, not sure why. I think it was because it was so cold, and I was really tired this week. Seriously one night we got home and started to plan and while Elder Lizaraso was talking about an investigator I think I fell asleep. This week we haven't had many sit down charlas. Almost all of the charlas we have are in the street with new people. We actually found a lot of new investigators. The problem is trying to get a second lesson. A lot of the time we can't find an address, (probably because they lied to us, or they just aren't home). So we are trying to put a focus on the progression of the investigators that we find. Hey guess what!!! Esteven from my last area got baptised! I was so happy when I found that out. Anyways I hope that we can help all these people here progress. 

Carol is one of those that weren't home. She actually was in Montevideo at her mother's house, so we really haven't had any contact with her this week and she didn't make it to church. We set up a charla for Wednesday so we will see how that goes. Oh get this, so on Saturday night we got out of a lesson and started heading home and someone called us. It was a number that we didn't recognise. Anyways I answered and I was like "Hello your talking with the missionaries", and he asked "Is this Elder England" and I was like "Yeah who am I talking to?" and he said "I'm Jorge and can I ask you guys for something..." and then the call dropped. After waiting a while for him to call, I called him. And we had no idea who this guy was. I thought it was a member but we didnt know any members named Jorge. Anyways we call him and he was like "Hey I want to learn more about your church can you guys come by my house?"  We were like "Ugh yeah!!!" Haha I was a little weirded out that he knew my name, but a lot of the time we put our names and number on cards or pamphlets. But yeah we are going to go by Jorges house today!

Hey so my shoes are getting kind of worn. The streets are horrible here, all dirt roads. I've actually been using my boots like everyday. Anyways I wanted to ask for an early Christmas present of a pair of shoes. I acutally heard that ecco has some missionary warranty but I'm not sure how it works or if we applied for it. Also if you could send some more hair gel with those. The gel Isn't as important but I am running out. Anyways love you soooooooo much!

Have an awesome week er´body! I love you all more than you will ever know! and I miss you a ton! I like looking at pictures a lot, oh You guys should look at page 79 of the photo book you sent me..."While you were serving". Look at the bottom right picture. Tell me if you see something funny? You might need to sensor it ;)

Walking the streets

 Trying to stay warm during studies
(Elder Lizaraso looks pretty good in this pic!)

 We just stopped by the mall and got Subway!  mmm

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