Monday, June 23, 2014

I Ate Ostrich

Here is a little of the area...
not much to see, it's just city!

Hello family!!!

So the USA is doing pretty good in the World Cup! All the Uruguayans are back at it after beating England, yeah I get some comments on my last name due to that. I'm just glad that Uruguay won, if not, I think the comments would change from a joking manner to a more angry one. But yeah bring it on Dalt! Vamos arriba Uruguay maƱana! 

Seems to me that Girls camp was a great success despite the snow. And I hope Kenna had a very Happy B-Day. And yes we definitely would have crushed that par-cor action. I destinctly remember our San Fran trip being full of par-cor... good times. We shall resume in a year from now. I got my Hump Day package!!! yay - you guys are the best!!! I'm very jealous of the car activities, live it up for me.

So Ferrocarril is doing pretty great. We have been seeing success in finding people to teach. And we might have a baptism real soon! His name is Gabriel. Gabriel has Down Syndrome, and has been coming to church for about a month and a half. We were kind of confused as to what we should do in this situation, but he came to know the church because the lady that watches over him is a member in our ward. He is actually really smart, and we had a class in our Gospel Principles class about baptism and he understood really well all that was taught. Still we were not sure what to do so we talked with Mercedes (this lady that watches him), to ask her is Gabriel is capable of discerning between right and wrong and if he should be baptised. She told us that he is very capable and that she would be supportive of him being baptised. We need to talk to our bishop to figure out the whole situation with him, but I believe that Gabriel will be baptised this week or the next:)

We are also teaching a family which consists of a young couple and their three kids. The kids are all younger than 8, and the couple is not married, but they are super awesome!!! We have already taught them about the restoration and about the plan of salvation and the charlas went really well. The dad (Hector) also told us that he had been reading what we marked for him in the Book of Mormon. He is super awesome! They couldn't come to church yesterday because Hector is a police officer but they said that would next week and we have a lesson with a member set up tonight. I'll let you know about their progress, the main thing for them is going to be getting them married. Hopefully we can help them do that quickly. 

The District is doing great. We are really trying to focus on working with the members this week. I don't think there are many members in the church that really understand how much they can help the mission work by just going to a charla or calling and inviting an investigator to come to church... The list goes on. But seriously we need to work together to help everyone we can. Keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel and help the missionaries. 

The food is good, like the same as usual, but oh I ate ostrich the other day and this thing that is called carpincho (I think it is like a giant rodent thing) and they weren't that bad. I actually liked the carpincho better than the ostrich.

Fun fact: So there is this thing called ferria here in Uruguay, I think that it is mostly done in Montevideo and not so much in the interior. But it is kind of like a giant garage sale. Everyone puts up little stands lining the road with all sorts of stuff. A good majority of the stuff is food, like fruits and veggies, but there is a lot of stuff. I'll take some pics this week. But we buy a lot of fruit there cause it's all really cheap. 

Anyways now I have some stamps from the package and can finally send some letters, so keep your eyes open.

Love you all more than youll ever know. Have an awesome week, and a fun trip to New York!

Elder England 

Typical street we walk every day!

This is our house...and, my roomies!

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