Monday, June 9, 2014

I Got Clothes-Lined!

My new companion Elder Bustamante and Me
Showing off my injured face - Story below!

Wow it feels like it' s been so long since I have talked to you guys! Maybe it is because so many things have changed... yes I got transfered. I am now in FERROCARRIL which is in the zone Norte. I am still in Montevideo, but in a different zone. I was sad to leave Carrasco, especially because of the investigators. Okay my new comp is Elder Bustamante!! He is from Argentina and has just over a year in the mission. I am a District Leader again, I am really excited too because the Zone Leaders here are really awesome. I forgot how stressful and overwhelming being transferred is... cause I was in Carrasco for so long. But Elder Bustamante and I get along great! The thing is that I heard a lot of negative things about Elder Bustamante before I knew him. He kind of has a bad rep here in the mission, not really sure why but I heard that he has a very strong personality. When I got here on Wednesday one of the Zone Leaders pulled me aside and just said I don't know if you have heard anything about your comp but he has changed, if you love him then you guys will get along great. So that is what I have been trying to do... and we have been getting along great. He really must have changed because from what I have seen he is really cool.

So Norte... A lot of people say it is the armpit of the mission haha. No just kidding I don't know if they call it that but it is just kind of the dirty part of the city. But I heard that my area is the nicest part of the zone.. yes!! Turns out I really like it here. I have met a good number of the members already and they are all super nice! The people are actually really different here than they are in Carrasco... they are a lot nicer. Okay maybe not nicer but they are a lot more friendly and open.
Carrasco: So we had Sandras baptism and it was so awesome. She was so happy!!! Unfortunately we couldn't find or get a hold of Diego the day of his baptism, It was a real bummer. I had a mix of all emotions during Sandra's baptism. Sitting there before in the meeting while the talk about baptism was being given, I was just thinking about how I felt and I felt super stressed, frustrated, and sad that we couldn't find Diego. But then I realized... Hey wake up, you have a baptism and you are all dressed in white waiting to baptize Sandra who has gone through a lot to get to this day. After thinking that I just felt happy and grateful to be there and to have helped Sandra. We kept passing by Diegos house but I never got to see Diego before transfers. I really hope that Elder Webber and his new comp can find him and help him get baptised. It was so hard to say goodbye to Paula and Raul! They are so awesome and they told me the day before I left that they want to get married.... "Love, true love... marriage is what brings us together today". Anyways so that is stinking awesome and I really hope that is actually happens! I'm not sure if I would be able to go to their baptisms if they did get baptised, but they said they would want me there. We´ll see what happens there.
Norte: I live in a four Elder house with my comp and Elder Ipson (from some part of Arizona I think) and his comp Elder Vazquez (from Columbia) who is an oro or greeny. The house is pretty nice, defintely not as nice as the beach house we had in Carrasco but it's okay. It was actually pretty dirty and nasty, but we spent a good couple of hours cleaning it this morning. It doesn't look like we have very many investigators here. We are going to have to get to work here so that we can baptise this transfer. But, don't worry  - we will :)
Okay I have a story... so Wednesday night we planned to go play basketball at our church early in the morning with the zone leaders. So we went and played for a good 30 minutes and then started heading back to the house in the dark. Well along the way home we had to cross these railroad tracks. Oh and we were running home because it was already seven o'clock and we wanted to get home to shower and get ready. But on one side of the railroad tracks there is a little gateway or passage because there is a fence that runs alongside the railroad tracks. Well while running behind my comp through the passage way I got clothes-lined by a steel wire that was connected by two poles. It knocked me right on my back. It seriously was crazy... I was laying on the ground like what the heck just happened and my comp had turned around to warn me but was slightly to late. So turns out that it gashed my forehead in three places... Stitch face is back!!!!!! Actually I didn't get stitches... I'm not sure if I needed them or not cause we didn't go to the hospital. I don't think I would have needed them but then I kind of think about it now and I don't really want three big scares on my forehead. But nah It's not that bad we just put some bandages and patched it up! It's pretty funny, cause everytime we talk to someone they always look straight at my forehead and then after talking for a while ask me what happened to my face.

Anyways sounds like everything is going great. I want more emails siblings... you guys are a bunch of slackers.

But have a great week, love you all.
Elder England

Clearly Elder Bustamante fit under the wire...
NOT threw my on my back!

The injuries after the incident...
all bandaged up!

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