Monday, June 23, 2014


Happy Fathers Day!!!! And Bappy B-Day to a special someone on the 19th!!!!

Sounds like it's crazy town at home now, and dad I totally agree with you when you say that mom goes a little overboard sometimes... but we all know that it is going to be the best girls camp the Stake has ever seen. Macy got transfered too, that's got to be hard to leave a ward that you know so well. Thanks for the emails guys I love reading about what's going on. Good luck in your last dance recital Soph and who is this kid from Chicago Mags? and why are you talking to him? Bo your talk was awesome!!!! Thanks for being such a stud of a brother. You're the best dude. 

Dad I hope you had a wonderful Fathers day, I don't think I can explain how grateful I am for your example and for the love that you have for the gospel, for mom and for us (almost wrote nosotros... thinking to much in spanish). I have always admired the humble way in which you handle all the difficulties that God gives you. Cor... Cor... Cor... Cor...Cor!!!! (I miss the random chants with the fam. Cars 2...2...2...2!) Anyways can I get a big shmolly-olly for all the fathers?

So things are going great here. I am getting to know the area more and the members. And dad yes the Uruguayans are crazy about the World Cup. They played on Saturday and it was an absolute ghost town here. Every one was inside watching the game. But we did know whenever Uruguay scored... which was only once... but we could here them all yelling and cheering in their houses. The whole country was pretty much in a horrible mood on Saturday and Sunday. But hopefully they will cheer up. The thing is that Uruguayans are very prideful about their soccer team, and if you get them talking about soccer they will talk to you for hours about how they won the World Cup in like 1950 and got fourth in the last World Cup. They think that everyone is scared to play them because they are always said to be the underdog. You have to give them some credit for having only about 3 million people in the whole country they do pretty well... except when they play Costa Rica:) 

But back to mission stuff. In our mission we focus a lot on our goals. As a mission this month we have a goal of 135 baptisms. As a zone here in Norte 12 baptisms. As a District we have a goal of 4. And currently halfway through the month it is not looking too great. Every Monday morning we have a leaders meeting with the zone leaders and all the district leaders in our zone to see how the zone is doing and make plans to help us do all reach our goals. As a zone we currently have 2 of the 12 and as a district 0 of the 4. But we can all see that there is a lot of potential in each district to reach the goals we have put. I never thought before that the mission had so much planning and thought put into everything. Planning, studying, proselyting, working with the members.... But as a district leader I have really come to see that our potential is so much greater than what we are actually achieving! 

My comp and I are getting along great. He is kind of weird, and reminds me a lot of my trainer haha but we get along well and he is obedient por suerte. We are trying now to use the relationship that Elder Bustamante has with the members to be able to work more with them and teach them how they can help us and our investigators. Elder Bustamante despite being kind of weird really has a way of creating relationships with members and everyone. It's something that I think I can work on. But I feel a need to work with more urgency here in this district. Urgency to help as many people as we can, as fast as we can, to commit to live the principles of the gospel and make convenants with God. But we are going to have a great week I just know it! 

I'll let you know more about investigators and specifics next week. But keep the emails up. 

I love you guys more than you will ever know!
Elder England

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