Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Staying Here

Last moments with Elder Ochoa

Hello Family!!!!!!!!!!

So transfers.... I'm staying here!!!! My new comp is Elder Webber. He is super awesome. He is from Orem and has about 6 months in the mission. He is also apperantly one of the best rugby players in the nation, which is pretty awesome! I'm super excited to work with him. 

Happy Anniversary padres, I'll be honest I had no clue that your anniversary was this last week. But I hope that it was great because you two are great!!!! I have the best parents ever! Looks like prom was fun Mags... 2nd attendant Wow... you are so popular ;) Chandler is a cool kid, and the hat and boots are pretty awesome. Nice pic of you and the second runner up for prom-king... haha he looks awesome. 

So we have actually been finding some super awesome people!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously a good handfull of people who have lots of potential. We haven't had much contact with them, again the culture is a little too casual, but we will get some lessons with them. Also we went to ward counsel on Tuesday and it went really well. We got to touch some important points like our ward mission plan, ward missionaries, and home teachers. Also we have had a lot more contact with our mission leader, and Elder Webber and I went over to his house and had a good meeting with him. So the work is moving forward here in Carrasco. Oh and I'm a district leader which has actually been kind of stressful. I get to check in with the members of my district and with the zone leaders every night which is really interesting. I'm learning a lot!!! andI'im super stoked for this transfer.

Example of finding awesome people, this morning Elder Webber and I were out proselyting (we were proselyting because we actually took P-day yesterday cause the AP's have to go do some stuff today, anyways we did all of P-day yesterday except writing) But this morning everything fell through... literally everything. So we were just walking around our area making street contacts with all the people and we started talking to this one lady. After getting to know her a little she told us that she wanted to go to our church so I was like well you are in luck because tomorrow we have our meetings. And she was like okay I am totally going. Thing is that she lives with her mom in Carrasco and she says that she is going to her sons house in Malvin tomorrow so she said that she is going to go to church there. But she is living with her mom so on Monday we are going to go to her house. But we were trying to explain where the church is and she was trying to explain where she lived so she was just like why don't we walk around the corner to my house and I can show you where it is. So we walked with her and she showed us where she lived and yeah she was super awesome!!!!! Like I could see her getting baptized in like two weeks. Heavenly Father is really preparing people for us to teach here! 

That's what's going on here, have an awesome week back there. Yes I got the Easter box, I actually got it like three weeks ago haha. And I'll figure out skpe.

I love you all.
Elder England


I found a Kinder Bueno...reminded me of you dad!

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