Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If I'm Not Better Than I Was Yesterday, Then I Have Failed


Okay so yeah we have P Day on Monday again, this week it is because my dear friend Elder Hatch is going home tonight at like 9 and all of our zone is having an activity today. We pretty much have the best zone eva! But yeah Elder Hatch was my first zone leader in Florida and we were there for 3 months together and now I have been living with him for another 3 months. He really has helped me a lot, and I have learned a lot from him. He is actually really good friends with Josh Hicks. 

Anyways the emails were great! Thanks for the help mom ;) New baby!! That's exciting, congrats Chels and Rhett. So when are Dalt and Kenna going to have a baby?!!! Sounds like Dalt is almost done with school so... I'm just saying, I think I would make an awesome uncle. Soph dog I want you to know that I totally would have voted for you, and not only because you had the best poster but just cause you da best! Mags stop snapchatting with all those highschool boys and email me! Just cause you're going to be a senior doesn't mean that you can stop writing. Mom and Dad keep up the good work, your emails are always solid! Bo let me know how soccer is going, I hear you are getting pretty good. 

So sad to tell you guys but the situation with Endira and Leandro is about the same. Oh yeah his name is actually Leandro, I guess I must have heard it wrong before... so embarrassing. Haha actually I don't think I actually said his name to him, so we´re all good. Oh actually we had like one charla with them this week, and it went pretty darn well. We taught about the restoration, and at first the charla was actually pretty choppy and I was fumbling for words and it just wasn't flowing very smoothly. But then I realized that I need to rely on the spirit more and say what my investigators need to hear. At the beginning of my mission I really had to rely on the spirit because my Spanish was so bad, but now I can communicate well enough that I don't really have to think about it or rely on the spirit. I realized that I have been just going through the motions and not really saying what the people here need to hear.

Also, yesterday I went with Elder Hatch to a stake conference in Durazno like 2-3 hours away because Elder Cutler had been sick and wasn't really feeling like a road trip. It was really fun to talk with Elder Hatch in the car, and it helped me to realize that we always need to be getting better... always. There is a quote that says something like "If I'm not better today than I was yesterday, then I have failed". We were talking a lot about this. Also we stopped to say goodbye to some of Elder Hatch's good friends in some of the places he has served. It was super fun to see the relationships that he has made, and it made me realize that I need to make a better effort to have great relationships with the members. Sounds like you and the sister missionaries are pretty close:)

Anyways back to Endira, the lesson started to run more smoothly and she seemed to understand but didn't seem like super interested. I mean she was listening and liked what we were saying but I just don't think she really related what we were teaching to her life... until we got the the Book of Mormon. She told us that she already had a Book of Mormon and we were like what? Since when? She then went into another room and brought a really old Book of Mormon out that had been given to her father a long time ago. She told us that she had had this book on her shelf for as long as she can remember but had never read it and also did not know where the book came from. To me it seems pretty self explanatory that the Book of Mormon comes from the Mormons, butIi don't think she realized that until we mentioned it. And get this her dad apparently had asked her for it recently, crazy huh? Anyways we gave her a book of her own and invited her to read it, and since then we haven't talked to her. She was really busy this weekend and ended up going out of town yesterday so she couldn't come to church, but we hope to meet with her later tonight. I am praying for them so much, you guys should too:)

Other than them not much is going on. I really want to start working with the members here!!! It is kind of difficult though because all of the members work a lot and don't seem super excited about missionary work, but Elder Ochoa and I have something to say to them:) But seriously I am hoping to work more with them, yes dad we go to ward counsel but the problem is that we haven't had it for a while. I have faith that we can turn this ward around and get it going. I'll let you know how that is going on Saturday. 

I love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

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