Sunday, April 20, 2014

Uruguaynans Are Super Casual About Almost Everything

Morning run pics...

Sofitel Hotel Montevideo

Hey everyboday!!!!

How's St. Geezy treating ya? Sounds pretty fun, and the highlight of the whole trip seems to be baby Emma because everyone, yes everyone, mentioned her. I wish I could spend the weekend with you guys swimming, golfing, hiking, and launch starting the M5. Say high to everyone for me!!!! I loved all the emails, even though they pretty much say the exact same thing over and over again I love hearing it from different points of view. Haha and I was seriously laughing out loud at Luke and Jakes conversation... but I'm pretty sure Luke is right. Dad you better watch out for guys writing down your lilcense plate number... it reminds me of you telling me when you got pulled over in the Ferrari. I don't know why you never get in trouble, I was kind of hoping while reading your email that this guy called the fuzz or something. Haha just kidding you don't always get away... yeah I remember when we got pulled over in the mini on 94th:) Holy cow Bo is getting pretty darn good at his golf game, that video was pretty impressive. I guess when I get back he´ll have to show me how to play again. Mace sounds great as always, and I love the awkward stories of how uncoordinated she is.

I actually have a pretty good story... Okay so Elder Ochoa and I were proselyting out on the street looking for SOMEONE to talk to, cause the streets are usually baren. Then Elder Ochoa picked up a stick saying that it would make a pretty good wand, but obviously I found a better one, then we started fighting and casting spells at each other. Then someone from a nearby house yelled some spell or something. We both thought that it was some little boys making fun of us, so we were like hey we are going to see what these hoodlums are doing so we went back. Well turns out it was like this 20 year old girl and her friends. So still holding our wands we asked if we could give them a pamphlet, but I think they were a little weirded out so they said just put it in the mailbox... Hopefully they read it :) It was pretty embarrassing but I don't regret it! #harrypotterfan4life

Anyways back to business.... It's kind of been the same old with Endira and Leandro, we can never get in contact with them! It is super lame and really frustrating cause we set up a lesson with her when we had the last lesson but when we go by she is never there. But then when we do find her she is always doing something like drinking matte or watching soccer like every Uruguayan. But we have a charla with her tonight. I really really hope she will be there! And that we can get her to come to church. We also found a family this week, or maybe it was last week, but yep a family:) We have actually only really talked to the mom, her name is Paula, but she lives with her husband, (well I hope husband... you can never be sure here), and their two kids who are like 2 and 6. We also haven't had much contact with them either, this week is called La Semana Santa and everyone has turismo or vacations this week so it's been tricky trying to plan charlas with investigators or members. But we also have a lesson with them tonight... hopefully!

Fun fact about Uruguayans is that they are super casual about almost everything, so when we try and set up appointments or give them commitments like reading something they take it really lightly a lot of the time. Obviously not everyone is like that, but that is just kind of the culture here. 

But yeah we are still on the search for investigators. Like I said I really want to work more with the members but it is super hard. We have been trying to get a meeting with our mission leader who is an awesome guy but he is super busy and again kind of casual about things. But we are making plans for how to start things going here in Carrasco. OH! so transfers are this week!!! On Wednesday, it is kind of weird cause we live with the assistants who do the transfers with President but the knuckle heads won't peep a word. I personally think that Elder Ochoa is going to leave and that I am going to stay. But anything could happen. I guess we´ll just have to wait and see.

But have an awesome time in St Geezy! I don't have much time to write back to all the emails but that doesn't mean stop writing! I'll try to write something back to everyone at some point ;)

Love you more that you will ever know! 
Elder England

Elder Hatch leaving...
The greatest zone ever!

Just driving here to email :)

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