Sunday, February 2, 2014

My P Day Is On Saturday's Now

Hey!!!!!!!!!! Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out my P day is on Saturday's now, so that's cool. So we are actually serving in President's ward, except we are without a president right now. There is like an area seventy that is serving as President until President Cook gets here in like March. Yeah and the president that is serving here right now lives here, so he just goes home at night and we have the whole mission home to us four. Also the Newsome's left a whole bunch of food that they said we could eat, so yeah it's been reeeeaaaallly nice, and yeah it was like all American food. The showers are so awesome here too, and ¨the toilets are ginormous!¨

Okay so yeah Carrasco is probably the wealthiest part of all Uruguay, we are like right on the beach. Actually our house is like on the beach:) Elder Ochoa and I are living with the assistants of the mission in a new house, okay well not new but there weren't missionaries in the house before so new for us. Yesterday we spent the whole day moving everything into the house, and from Wednesday until now we have been staying in the mission home. It is so nice!!! But by Monday we should be in our new house ready to go. I'm so excited!

So Elder Ochoa and I haven't had much time to work in our area this week, but yeah we went out on Thursday and walked almost all of our area trying to find members from this ward directory that is like 10 years old. Turned out like every single one had moved :( But we have met our ward mission leader and our bishop, and I am feeling that we have a lot of potencial to find people to baptize. The thing is here, you need to work with the members. So that is where we are at right now, just trying to get to know the members and work with the leaders of our ward. But like I said last week I'm just ready to get out there and go to work. Elder Ochoa and I get along really well thankfully, and I really think that we can do a lot together.

So we haven't really unpacked yet, soo I don't have my camera and camera cord with me so I guess you'll just have to wait another week sorry:) 

So yeah anyways stay sweet, and just know that I love you all more than you will ever know!

Have an awesone week,
Elder England

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