Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Think It Is Going So Fast Because I Am Enjoying It So Much

Hola fam,

Darn I hate opening up my letters up to bad news. So sorry to hear Trudy Budge passed away! But it made me super happy to hear that the Budges looked really good, they really are such an awesome family. I have always admired their kindness, they are awesome examples! 

Wow this week flew by - I really can't believe it. I think it is going so fast because I am enjoying it so much. I really am just loving it here. It's different, but I really like it here. Okay so to answer your questions, yes we are living in a house of 4 with the APs but they are traveling a lot, so it's kind of a house of two for like half of the week. But I am getting along great with Elder Ochoa still. To tell you a little more about him, he has a year in the mission and is our District Leader here. Our district is us, the AP's and a companionship of sister trainers. And we are all actually in the same ward, which is kind of cool. Anyways our ward is pretty big, probably the biggest in Uruguay in the member attendance. However, a good portion of the ward are temple missionaries, cause our church is right next to the temple, cool beans right? Oh and guess what? We are going to the temple on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to go and see the new video. But the thing is that this Thusday is going to be my P day for this next week, so you have to write before then ;)

So yeah, oh and I got two of my Birthday packages! Thanks so much, I love getting packages :) (Although they were a little random with the Slim Jims haha!) And I got our Christmas card just the other day, I liked it a lot but man I looked super white (I'm just a little darker now :) 

So about Lucia, oh man where do I start... So I think I explained about how she loves the Bible and how she has a bunch of doubts and needs a specific answer to each one and she loves to talk and get off topic. Anyways so last Saturday we had a lesson with her and we were talking a lot about the restoration and the Book Of Mormon, anyways the member that we brought said something like the Bible is false because of all the translations and stuff being taken out and put in, (which is technically correct but Lucia took it badly and ended not coming to church on Sunday because she had these doubts). Well so we went and had a lesson with her on Thursday and I think we got the situation taken care of, we just explained everything more clearly and also explained about Joseph Smith translation a little.  I was on divisions yesterday but Elder Ochoa and one of the zone leaders went and had a good lesson and Lucia decided that she is going to get baptized in a week. She is totally ready, she just needs to realize it herself and "doubt her doubts rather than doubt her faith". I have seen the adversary trying to work against us in all that we do. It seems that everything has just been kind of difficult with trying to get Lucia to baptism, but we just need to pray and hope and do all we can to help her and I know that she will get there.

So there is the update, and because I was on divisions yesterday I didn't have my camera and I came right here so I don't have my camera, sorry

Anyways have an awesome week! I love you guys more than you will ever know!

Elder England

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