Monday, February 10, 2014

Things Are Going Pretty Darn Good

Hey Hey Hey!

So back to reality, we moved out of the mission home:( haha yeah we moved out of the mission home and into our apartment on Monday. We are like right across the street from the beach, but you actually can't see anything from our house, kind of lame. But yeah this area is super nice, and really different. A lot of the people have big fences in front of their houses with super security systems so it's kind of hard to get in. I haven't really taken any pictures of our area here yet cause it's been really rainy for the past couple days, but i'll show you the area next week.

So for now Elder Ochoa who is from Thatcher, Arizona, and I are trying to get to know all the members. We have a list of all the members, some former investigators, and some referals that we have been passing by and checking off. Oh my it's kind of really annoying, but literally like every time we are looking for a house it seems to be that it always skips the number of the house that we are looking for. Seriously it is like the only number on the whole street that isn't there, the dumb people just skipped the number for some reason. Sometimes I feel like the Uruguayan's just pick whatever number they want, and put it up on their house. Or we were saying that maybe they all know that these certain numbers don't exist cause they skipped them, and then when we ask them their address they just tell us that number to mess with us. Either way it kinda really makes me mad. But I feel like things are going pretty darn good, ¨gracias a la virgen¨. We are starting to meet a lot of the members, and I feel like we are starting to gain the trust of some of them. And things with Elder Ochoa and I are great, we get along really well so I'm super relieved about that.

Oh and the Elders that were in our area before, the secretaries, were teaching this lady and had put a baptismal date for the 15th of this month. We have had two charlas with her and in the last lesson we had, we talked a lot about the Book Of Mormon and she actually told us that she knows that the book is true! So we were like SWEET! yeah she is totally getting baptized on the 15th. Her name is Lucia, she is a widow and is like 50 years old and is super into the Bible. Apparently the story of how they found her was that the sister missionaries in our ward were getting ice cream or something one day and so was Lucia and when they left Lucia started following them and like chased them down and told them that she wants them to go to her house. So it was actually more like she found the missionaries than the missionaries found her. But yeah she is super awesome, a little weird, but super awesome. She always asks like super weird profound questions that don't really have anything to do with what we are teaching, and also she really likes to talk... a lot! So it's kind of hard to stay on topic, but she is definitely going to get baptized on the 15th. 

So sounds like it was an awesome week! I'm super jealous of the Cali trip with all the cars, and yeah I found Grandpa egging Todd on really funny! The thing is I could totally see that, he is crazy awesome! Lots of drill! And also Molly's and Luke's baptisms! Sounds like it was a fantastic week!

Well l love you all more than you will ever know, have an awesome week!

Elder England

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