Monday, September 30, 2013

A Downside To All The Good Food

I got another package - Thanks!  I love the
Bugles!  They remind me of Grandpa England

HAAAAAPPY B DAY SOH DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like it was a pretty busy day, but I hope you enjoyed it! Wow Sophie is 13 I honestly can't believe it! I feel like eveyone has grown up so much already, and I've only been gone for like three months. Mags is dating, still don't like to think about that, Soph is in middle school carazzayy, and Bo is killin it in sports. In a letter from Bo that I opened in the mtc he said that he is gonna kick my butt in soccer when I get back, and from what I hear that might be true. But Uruguay is obsessed with soccer, and I think I'm going to be playing some soccer on P- days. So you better watch out Bo!!! Haha mom you called Macy Maggie in your email, you said okay here is Maggie's email from last week. It made me laugh to hear you mix up their names. I wish I could have met your japanese friend!!!!! Sounds like you guys are all really busy!

Wow sounds like the missionary work is moving forward in the ward!!!! This week seriously went by so fast, I really don't remember much from this week. We got a new Elder in our house named Elder Canete, he is from Paraguay!!! And he can actually speak some english, thank goodness! haha but I really like him, I feel like I can relate to him the most cause he is not as crazy and Elder Marroquin or Elder Segura. But I really love Elder Marroquin and Elder Segura. Elder Marroquin made some mexican tacos for lunch today. Dad your right, I'm not always going to have roomates that are going to cook me food, so I've been trying to learn. But I am seriously the worst cook ever!!! I think I'm just going to end up eating cereal and oatmeal for 2 years. Actually the only day that we ever really cook anything is P-days cause every other day we have lunch with members. It's a pretty awesome set up, but I'm sure it's not going to be the same in other areas. A downside to all the good food is that I've been getting the "tickets" lately. It's a good thing that we have a chapel in like the middle of our area cause we had to make some pit stops. It's actually not that bad, and I'm going to start using the "poop pills" :) Everything is going to be okay cause we have a buh day (I know that's not how you spell it, but I don't know how so I just made it as simple as possible) It's true we do have one but the only person that uses it is Elder Segura. It reminds me of Dalt when we were in Europe. 

This week was kind of hard in reality. We were actually going to have a baptism this last Saturday on Soph's birthday for a man named Washington. Also Alejandra; but Alejandra couldn't come to church on these past couple of Sundays and the investigators need to come to church before they can be baptized. But Washington is awesome!!! He has come to church three times, and all the members love him. He is like 54 years old... I think. He understands everything that we have taught him and wants to get baptized. The only problem is that he smokes, and we taught the word of wisdom and he said that he would try to stop, but a couple days before his baptismal date a member saw him smoking. So we had to push his baptism until this Saturday. But we have had lessons with Washington with members that have had problems with the word of wisdom before and I really think that he has quit for good this time! So we are going to have his baptism this Saturday. 

Alejandra hasn't really been progressing that much, we have continued to return and have lessons with her and she understands but it doesn't seem like she is really excited about getting baptized and we feel like she needs to have a firm belief that this church is true before she gets baptized, so we have a baptismal date for the nineteenth of this month for her and we are going to try to keep talking to her and help her to progress. We actually were pretty frank with her a couple days ago telling her that if she isn't progressing we can't waste this time cause we have other people to help. But I think that she really is going to progress and attain a firm testimony.

Another thing that happened was Juan Pablo and Agustine haven't come to church the past two weeks. It seems like something happened to make Juan not want to come. We have talked to him lately but it just doesn't seem like he wants to talk to us. We don't really know what else to do with him. I guess we will just keep trying. 

In reality I can't remember a whole lot about this past week, I'll try to remember this week a little better.

I love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

Elder Marroquin made some mexican tacos for lunch! 

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