Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Felt That It Was Riley Speaking

Dont worry, I'm still alive!

This week is changes, so our P day is Tuesday. Sorry I didn't let you know, but I actually didn't find out until Sunday night. Wow these weeks are just flying by. Elder Marroquin and I are not going to change because oros stay in the same area with the same trainer for two changes. But It does mean that one of the Three Musckateers is going to be leaving:( Im sure a new crazy latino will fill the empty spot just fine. 

I am so sad to hear that Bishop Brewster passed away. I always looked up to him so much, and still remember every scout camp and youth fireside that he led. He had such a powerful spirit. But we are sooooooo lucky to have this gospel in our lives. I really have come to cherish this knowledge that I have, because I have seen the lives of people that don't have it... and they are completely different. Let the Brewster family know that I love them. 

As for all of you, you all sound great!!! Haha Mags you crack me up, but I don't like this dating thing one bit! But I'm super glad that you had a fun time at the dance. Dad thanks for the updates, GO UTES! I know that you're going to be amazing in you new calling! You too mom!!!!!!!!! I have realized in this month and a half just how much I dont know how to take care of myself. Like cooking I don't know how to cook anything, but Elder Marroquin does! hehehe Thanks for emails. I love you all! 

This has been another crazy week. The first of the week was pretty hard, I don't know why but I was just a little down in the dumps. But on Saturday we got to go to the temple because some of Elder Marroquins converts were getting sealed. I Love going to the temple! It was so cool to be in a sealing session. Memories of when we went to the Salt Lake temple with Bo started to flood my mind, and I can't even explain how happy I am that I am sealed to you guys forever and ever! I've also had some really interesting experiences. Sunday night we were on our way back to the house, and we passed by Ramiros house. Ramiro is a 17 year old kid that we have talked with a couple different times, but we have tried passing by and calling him countless times so it seemed that he didn't want anything to do with us. Well as we walked past I couldn't help but think about him, but I didn't say anything cause it seemed clear that he didn't want to talk to us. After passing his house I looked back, and right at that moment Ramiro opened his door and then closed it. I then ran up to his door and knocked and he came out. After we greated him, I straight up asked him if he was interested in what we have to say. And he said that he was. I was so happy to hear that, oh and I asked him why he opened his door and he said to look to see if it was raining. haha It's crazy that he opened it right when I looked back. 

This other story happened last night. We were at Agustines house, Agustine is a 14 year old kid that is less active. He came with us to a lot of the lessons with Juan Pablo and was probably the reason that Juan was baptized. Anyways we didn't really know what to teach him, but he had a book about the principles of the gospel or something like that. So Elder Marroquin opened that up, and started talking about I think it was obedience. But then changed his mind and flipped to a different chapter about the Atonement. I was so happy when he turned to this! As we talked about the atonement, I used some of Riley's words to explain to this 14 year old kid just how important and vital the atonement is. I felt a really strong spirit in that lesson. After Elder Marroquin and I were walking back to the house on these railroad tracks in the dark. And I told him that as I was talking about the Atonement and using some of the words Riley used to describe it, I felt that Riley was speaking. I really felt that even though I was talking I felt that it was Riley speaking. Elder Marroquin then said that as I was speaking he looked at my name tag and thought of Riley or Elder England. (Elder Marroquin tried reading Ti Voglio Bene so he knew about the story). But wow I could really feel Riley there in that lesson. Then Elder Marroquin went off talking about how he has a gift about how he can sense when there are spirits close, (I say that he went off talking about this cause he often tells me that he has these certain gifts) Anyways, I wasn't really listening, I was too busy pondering on what had just happened! 

As we were walking in the dark, on the train tracks so we were looking down at our feet, the scariest thing in my life happened to me. We were just walking and I happened to look up and literally like three feet in front of me was a huge white horse. (I think it was sleeping cause it didn't move) Because I had been looking down - I didn't see it at all!  But oh my gosh it scared so bad that I involuntarily screamed, or I should say that I tried to scream but was so startled that I couldn't. haha it was hilarious, I wish I had it on tape, just to see the face I made. Aww classic!  

Well that's all folks, sorry I don't have any photos I left my cam back at the apartment.
I love you all more than you will ever know!
Elder England

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