Monday, September 9, 2013

Things here are GREAT!

This is like a universal sign for cool or awesome and everyone does it!


Sounds like you had an awesome weekend up in Jackson, I'm sure Dalt enjoyed not having to use crutches this time. That's a total bummer that you didn't get an RV! Anyways I just wrote a pretty long email to President Newsome. I really don't know him that well, but I'm going to try to change that. He seems like a really awesome guy. I want to have a real relationship with him, instead of just being one of the hundreds of missionaries in Uruguay. I think that all the "Oros" or new missionaries are going back to the mission home sometime this week to have a meeting, so I'll get to see him this week.

As for things here in Florida Uruguay they're GREAT! haha When I wrote that I pictured Tony the Tiger from the Frosted Flakes commercial saying that. Some days were better than others obviously, but this past week really was great. In a letter from Dalton he emphasized something that Jason said to me the night before I left. And that was to enjoy every second of my mission. I really tried to do that this week, and it has helped a lot! Also something that dad told me was to try not to compare everything to home, and that has also helped me sooooo much.

Elder Marroquin and I are working great together. There were many times when I would feel like we need to go down a street or go somewhere and then Marroquin would say let's go to this area or down this street, and it is the same place that I was thinking!!!  I can really feel the spirit or understand the promptings that I get in a whole different way.

Juan's confirmation was yesterday, and his father came (also named Juan Pablo) He stayed for like all of sacrament meeting too. At first when we met Juan and his family his dad was super closed of and didn't want anything to do with us. But he is lightening up to us, we even went by last night and had a lesson with him about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he understands it all! haha Oh and a couple days earlier we were walking down the street and there was  big construction going on on the side of the street and we usually say hi to almost every person we walk by, I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks we are "mental people", but one of the construction workers was Juan Pablo the father and he came up to us and said hello. Also later today we are going to go over to their house and make tortas (fritas with dulce de leche:) I really think that through Juans example, we can help his whole family to be baptized or at least listen to us. 

"So theres the update... who are you talking to? whoaaaaaa" 
Sounds like everything is awesome there! Keep giving me updates on stuff everyone, I might not write you back but I love hearing what is going on. 

I love you all more than you will ever know;)
Elder England

I didn't know there were moose in Uruguay!
(Just a reminder he is an 18 year old boy)

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