Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holy Cow - I've been out for a month now!

Hola Familia!!!
Holy cow I've been out for Thanks for all the emails, I don't know if I'll have time to write everyone back individually maybe I'll have more time when I get to Uruguay.
PROSELYTING! This week proselyting was awesome, we gave out another 3 Book Of Mormons! (oh and no It's not right outside the mtc, they bus us all out like an hour away from here and then just tell us to "get" and and come back to that spot in like 4 hours) Yeah It's kinda nuts, there are some pretty sketchy parts in some of the areas; but we had another great Saturday. I think it was a lot better than the week before. Even though I didn't really understand anything anyone was saying both times. Anyways we talked to this lady named Nelly and she was so nice! She said that she had like four sons and that her husband had passed away like ten years ago. and she said that she was christian but not catholic so that was perfect. Well we talked to her for a while and then gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and a Book Of Mormon! She actually seemed really interested in reading both of them. I reeeeeeeaaaaaally hope that she reads them and that other missionaries can find her. Then we found another lady named Stelia, she had died red hair and looked a little crazy but she was really nice and we gave her a Book Of Mormon too... and get this, we went by her house a little later and saw her reading it on her balcony. BOOYEAH! I was so happy when I saw that! Oh yeah and then while we were proselyting Elder Patton and I found an ice cream shop so we went and got some ice cream with some pesos that we traded one of the latino Elders for. It was so good, and we got kinder buenos! They reminded me of you guys so much. there are little things that remind me of you guys everyday, It's a little hard... but for the most part they just make me happy, and remind me of how loving and suportive you all are!
Sunday was awesome, like always! First of all I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting, in Spanish! It actually went okay cause I had written it all out before hand. And then we had a bunch of classes with President Openshaw, he is a scripture genius. I don't know if I've told you this but my mind is blown everytime he teaches! Well during all of this Elder Patton started to get in kind of a bad mood, and he wouldn't really talk to me. Well during personal time we were just listening to music in our room, just jammin to Sons Of Provo haha kidding I was listening to just some really calm music and I just felt extremely peaceful! and then Elder Patton asked if he could talk to me so we went to a room with no one in it and the first thing he said was "Can you give me a blessing". I don't know if he could tell but I was shocked! He is our district leader and I just wasn't expecting that and he wouldn't even talk to me like that whole day. So first I was like okay why do you want to get a blessing, and he just explained how he was worried about his family and he has been having some doubts, and I just tried to reasure him that this was the right place to be and that I've noticed that when we are proselyting that it just all seems to come so easy for him, and it does! Well I gave him a blessing after that and it was really cool. I was expecting to be like taken over by the spirit and words would just come out of my mouth, but it wasn't that distinct. So the blessing was really simple, I just hope that it will help him! It seemed to help, but yesterday he seems to be mad at me again. And I didn't do anything, except for make fun of him like everyday about him going to BYU and that he only eats bread and ketchup every meal. No but seriously I don't know why he is mad at me, and he won't talk to me about it. Anyways I'm just going to have an intervention with him today, or maybe I'll just hug him like every 5 minutes to bug him. I'll let you know how it goes;)
Well we had another group of latinos come and go already! I didn't feel as close with this group, except for our roomates they were awesome. We always seem to get the coolest roomates. They were Elder Santos who was from brazil and spoke portuguese and Elder Alvarez from Chile. They were awesome and way funny, I'm gonna miss them. But we got our new roomates just yesterday, two Peruvians. they seem pretty cool. Man it's gonna be hard to say goodbye to my district. I feel like I have know them for so long!  Most of them are going to Paraguay so I wont see a lot of them after these two weeks. I guess I'll just have to make it a good two weeks.
Something funny... let me think... Oh these elders were wrestling last night and one of them smacked their head on the ground and got a concussion, apparently he was like out cold for a couple minutes. It's pretty funny, anyways president found out so now all the elders have to go to our devotional 15 minutes early. We are all going to die! haha but I didn't do anything so I'm good. Oh and a couple nights ago, some kids in the middle of the night climbed in the ceiling cause they have those ceiling tiles like Kenna and Dalt have, and they went and poured water on some kids. It's hilarious, and pres doesn't know about that or some kids would really get in trouble but It's pretty hilarious!!!!!!!!
Well they said we can't send pictures anymore, not sure why but once I get to Uruguay I'll send pics. And dear elders, yeah still haven't gotten any of those - it stinks! Anyways I'll talk to you in another week. Oh the food is pretty good, we get three meals so I don't get very hungry but Elder Patton is really picky so he doesn't eat like anything. Stinks for him. I love you all more than you'll ever know! Have a great week:)
Elder England

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