Thursday, July 25, 2013

"We must constantly dedicate ourselves to the work"

Hello family!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that story about Bennett makes me so happy! Bennett you're not supposed to get caught;) I'm glad you guys had a fun time in cali it sounds like a blast. It's winter here so, I'm pretty jealous, but it's really not even cold here... we still go outside and play soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball. That stinks that Macy deleted her whole email! She sounds like she's doing awesome though.
Well another week has gone by, wow that was insanely fast! It's hard to remember all that has happened in a week. Well first we got a billion more people here, which means long lines for meals, colder showers with less water pressure, and the bathrooms smell a billion times worse. But there are some cool guys... oh I mean Elders and Hermanas here haha. Like my friend Travis Devashrayee!!! It's so good to see someone that I actually know; this place isn't exactly like provo where you see everyone like everyday... so I'm really glad that he's here. Anyways we got new roomates, 2 latinos who are pretty dang funny and 2 north americans who are kind of really weird, one of them is actually from Fort Collins but he didn't know Mace. I think I liked the old group better but there are some really cool people here.
Proselyting... wow it was really hard. I had heard so much that the people in South America are so nice and love hearing the gospel. I can assure you that's not true! haha just kidding we found some really nice people. but seriously we said hola to literally everyone that walked past us, and 90% of them didn't even look at us or register we were there. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But even with that we stll handed out three Book of Mormons and a handful of pamphlets. We had some good conversations with some people. Well I should say that some people had some good conversations with themselves cause I didn't understand anything that anyone said. Well I understood some. But anyways  Elder Patton and I walking past these five guys that were drinking and smoking on the side of the road. So I was like let's go talk to these fine gentlemen Elder Patton. I think that I should probably be more cautious about who I talk to in the future. but these guys were pretty funny and we gave them a word of wisdom pamphlet... oh yeah! They probably just threw it away or were laughing at how crazy we are. Oh yeah and Patton and I - well Patton was too scared to do it, but we slipped a law of chastity pamphlet in someones mailbox:) I just felt like the people living in that house could really use it. Anyways we later found out that we aren't supposed to slip stuff into people mailboxes, oh well. But overall saturday was a really great learning experience, and it really helped me a lot!
Sundays are always awesome here, and this Sunday we watched a video of Elder Holland speaking at the Provo MTC. He gave this talk or speech in January. It was awesome Holland's talks are always awesome. He speaks with such power. It reminded me of in the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played Francis Ouimet the main character goes to an oprah and after he says that the sound or music seemed to be just coming through the singer from somewhere else and he said that is what he wants for golf. Well thats what it seemed like when Elder Holland was speaking and that's what I want to have when I speak.
Another cool thing that happened, I think it was on Sunday but Hermana Openshaw was teaching us and she was talking about the first vision and the power of memorizing it and reciting it with power. Well she first asked the crowd of North Americans if any of them had it memorized in english and there were a good group so she had one person go up and recite it. Then she asked if anyone had memorized it in Spanish, and some people in my district knew I had memorized it so they raised my hand. So I went up and recited it in front of everyone, my heart was pounding so fast but I think it might have been cause the spirit was so strong. It was awesome, and I felt pretty cool. "Im now cool enough to be in the band"... (School Of Rock reference... no one gets my quotes here:(
I love reading your letters that I get to open every Sunday Tuesday and Thurday and so does my district cause I always share the quotes with them. Oh and Maggie some of the guys saw that picture of you and me and were like oh is that your girlfriend and I was like eww no that's my sister and they're like dang she is cute;) anyways I share like all the quotes that I get and elder patton loves The Office too, not as much as me but I still respect him for that. I taped the quote where Dwight says "Before I make any decision first I ask myself, would an idiot do that thing? And if the answer is no then I do that thing" It's something like that, anyways I taped it up on the wall in front of the classroom. Oh and I told my teacher  Fiormanti to watch kid president videos cause he has never seen them, he is going to love them. I love my teachers! They are awesome. For the first half of the day we have Hermana Ferreira and the second half of the day we have fiormanti.
I heard a cool quote I don't know if I already told you it but it says, "We don't just make the decision to go on a mission, we must constantly dedicate ourselves to the work" Just thought I'd share that cause I like it a lot.
Okay no I had not heard about Porter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is scary gosh, please keep me posted on him!
Today is p day, the best day ever. we get to go to the temple every p day it's awesome. Anyways sorry I dont have my camera so I cant put any pictures on. Love you all.
I love you more than you will ever know,

Elder England

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