Monday, November 10, 2014

I Am Jesus' Now

Blanca!  I love her so much - she will be baptized
this week! 

Okay I have a game... Everyone has to tell me what they
think this wooden thing is used for... I'll tell you next week!
Hint: Be creative

Thanks for all the emails, haha I loved all the pics. Halloween is the best. Mags you did look pretty groovy. Bummer for the UTES. Maggie - scary about the creeper situation! You are doing all the right things about it. ¨We gonna find you, so you can run until that home boy!!!¨ Dad I trust you to take care of this mischief, it's just to bad I can't help. 

So Blanca and Carlos went to church yesterday and they are progressing wonderfully. I took some pics with Blancita, I'll send them. She is hilarious. She was saying the other day that she is Jesus` now because she is in His church, and then she said "Just like the jovenes (Elder Brown and I) are mine". Blanca will be baptised this week :) The members have been helping a lot with her, I really am so grateful that I got to stay here for another transfer. I really am going to miss this ward when I leave. 

Carlos had a baptismal date for the 15th, but he told us on Friday that he just remembered that he has a huge track meet out of town on the 15th and 16th, so he is not going to be here. It was such a let down for me!!! because we have transfers on the 19th, and I don't know what will happen but I've been here for a little while. But I know that if I get changed or not Carlos will get baptised and he will be a strong member of the church. 

With Agustina, we couldn't have much contact with her this week. We had a couple of lessons that went really well, but we think that her parents took her out of town for the weekend. Hopefully next Sunday we can help her to make it to church. 

I love you all more than you will ever know! Thanks so much for helping me and supporting me. Please edit and correct my essays, I'm not sure if I should have mentioned the part about BYU being the enemy. But whatevs. You're the best.

Elder England

Holding the UTES up!

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