Monday, September 1, 2014

The Mission Has Helped Me In So Many Ways

Hello Family!!!

Things are going great with Elder Brown in Lomas de Solymar, La Costa. La Costa is the zone and Lomas de Solyma`pher is the area. To tell you a little more about Elder Brown, he is from Pheonix, Arizona and has a couple more months in the mission that me. He is a really nice guy. We kind of have different personalities, but we get along great. He is kind of a timid guy when talking to people on the street, but I hope that I can help him have a little more self confidence. I don't remember if I mentioned this before but Elder Lizaraso was a little like that, probably not as extreme but I really noticed that Elder Lizaraso had changed by the end of the transfer. So that's the goal with Elder Brown.

As far as investigators go... it's not looking so bright as of now. But this week we are going to find miracles! With Natalia we kept passing by but couldn't get in contact with her. Then on Friday I think it was, we went by and they have a lot of dogs out in front that always bark as we walk up to the door. And by their front door there is a big window. Well as we were walking up to the door, I think I saw Natalia stand up and walk into another room of the house... and no one came out when we knocked the door. I liked what Mace was saying and sharing from that Elder Holland talk. I remember hearing that talk in Florida when I was training. I just remember being totally stressed and frustrated about almost everything, and then in a zone conference the zone leaders showed us a video of that talk. I am glad for the opportinuty that I have had to feel some of what the Savior felt and suffer some of the pains that He suffered. The mission has helped me in so many ways, more that I thought was possible. 

On a brighter note I feel like I am really starting to get to know a lot of the members better. I feel a need to work more with the members this change. If only everyone were as good of a member missionary as Mama D. Mama D sent me an amazing story about how she was an amazing member missionary. Anyways Lomas de Solymar better be scared because Elder Brown and I are going to tear it up this transfer. 

In the midst of a difficult week, the UTES pulled out the first win of the season!!! Oh the UTE posts here are for the water. The company that works with and installs water in peoples house is called UTE. I think it stands for something but I don't know what. But yeah I am going to continue looking for the posts to take pictures and send them to you guys...  have to show my Utah pride somehow. Let's go UTES!

I love you guys more than you will ever know!! Have an awesome week.
Elder Inglaterra

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