Tuesday, August 26, 2014

They Have Their Agency

Hey Hey!!!

Wow, what a story from Mace!!! She really is the best. Man, Colorado is lucky to have such an amazing missionary. So school has officially started. Sounds like it's going good, Bo is such a goof (¨My teacher looks just like Galinda¨). But he sure is one funny kid! Todd and Jeannett's cabin sounds like it was fun. Hey dad if you're going to do a kit car wait until I get home... I want in on it! But I can totally picture Dalt's face when he looked at Todd's project. Sorry to hear about Dean's kidney stone... ouch. But keep up the training for Lotoja. That is also something that I would love doing with you when I get home. 

Anyways so this week we have TRANSFERS!!! For that reason I am writing on Tuesday. Elder England se queda en Lomas de Solymar... y viene Elder Brown!!! I don't know who he is, but I guess I'll get to know him tomorrow. Oh and get this, Elder Lizaraso is going to a different area in our zone. So I'll get to see him like every week. Haha I have really come to love Elder Lizaraso. I have learned so much from each and every one of my companions, and look forward to working with Elder Brown this next change. Also Elder Ochoa and Elder Torres the, zone leaders, are staying which is awesome, I really like working with them :)

As far as investigators go, this week was kind of difficult. We couldn't get in contact with Natalia like the whole week. Apparently she had gone to spend time with her son, and had to go to some doctors appointments. But at the end of the week we finally got in contact and set everything up so she could go to church. This Sunday we had stake conference and it wasn't in our chapel so we found members that could take our investigators to the conference. Well we had everything set up on Saturday...we had talked to Natalia and also Lisandra (the daughter of the Trindade family that is not a member) and they both were committed to going and we had members set up to pick them up. But when we passed by on Sunday morning neither of them were to be found. When we went to get Natalia we knocked on the door and saw someone inside, but no one answered the door. So we called Natalia... no answer. We called Graciela... no answer. We called Ricardo... and he answered. But then he told us that he was in Montevideo and no one was in the house... So I was like okay thanks Ricardo take care. Then we thought maybe Natalia didn't hear because she now lives in a house right behind the house of Ricardo, Ruben, and Graciela. So as we walked to the side of the house to see if we could pass and knock on the house behind, we saw Ricardo who had seen us and tried to hide/run away. I have to be honest it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen, but yeah Sunday was a rough day. However, we talked with Natalia after and she said that she had eaten something the night before that made her really sick. So we are going to keep teaching Natalia, but with Ricardo and them we explained that if they want to learn more we are willing. And with Lisandra we haven't seen her since Saturday. We went yesterday and she was inside sleeping, and her son told us that she couldn't talk right now. Well we told her son that Elder Lizaraso would probably be leaving and this might be the last time that they can see him... and she still didn't come out!!! I was really surprised and disappointed, but they have their agency. 

But I had an experience similar to M'acys, maybe not as cool. But one day this last week we just really weren't having success, and nothing was going the way we planned. Well as we were walking I was just pleading in prayer that we could help someone... anyone. I just felt that that whole day we had been wasting our time because we weren't having any success, and I didn't want to just waste time. Well we went to a less active member that we had planned to go to, and they couldn't talk then but we asked for referrals and he told us that we could visit a guy that lives on the next street. So we went but this referal couldn't talk then either so we started walking down this street and saw some people leaving their house and started to talk to them, but they didn't want anything either. But we asked them if they knew anyone new in the neighborhood, and they said that there was a new family next door. This family was a miracle and an answer to my prayer. They couldn't talk in the moment but they said that we could go back another day. They really are so nice though, I just hope that we can help them this week. We will see.

The mission is the best! I love you all more than you will ever know! Thanks for all the emails everyone of them is appreciated. Have a great week England family.

Elder England

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