Monday, May 12, 2014

See You Guys Tomorrow!

This is a little place with a bunch of little houses
or ranchitos we call them in Spanish

Hello!!! Happy B day Mags!!! 

It is so weird to me that you are 17. I think a lot about how we are both going to be going into college when I get home... freaky! But have an awesome day, you're the best. And happy Mothers Day mom, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow so I can say that in person... I'm sooooooooooo excited. That time will work great. Hopefully I can see Kenna and Dalt. 

I got my packages:) Thanks so much. It's not quite cold enough to use the long johns but it'll get there. Everyone is saying that it is going to get so cold this year. Also our house is right on the coast so it's going to be extra cold. I made the alfredo noodles that you sent yesterday and it was quite scrumptious. All the missionaries hoard their good food from packages so that they can have some later but I don't know why I just can't. I see all the good food and eat it all!! I'm super jealous of the carb bread bombs Mace... sounds delicious. We are going to skype tomorrow with the GIles, I think I already said that they were temple missionaries, but they are the best... and yes sister Giles is an amazing cook. I have had several roast and mashed potato meals at their house, which makes me super trunky cause it tastes just like mom´s. 

Kinda bummer news... So Isabel lives with her mother, well it is her adopted mother because she was adopted but it is weird cause she was adopted when she was like already an adult. Anyways on week days Isabel lives with her mother and watches over her in the house, and on weekends she goes to her sons house which is in a different area it's actually Elder Tucker's area. Well apparently one of the sons of the mother, who is the owner of the house in our area, found out that we were going by and he didn't like that and told Isabel that we couldn't go by anymore. So we thought about it and we decided to give the referal to Elder Tucker and his comp so that they can go by her house on Sunday and teach her in her son's house. Oh also funny background, on Sunday she told us that she was going to come but for the whole first hour we didn't hear anything from her. Then we got a text from her saying that she was on her way, so we were thinking that she would show up perfectly for sacrament meeting. Well sacrament ended, and then Isabel decides to show up... right after!!!! It was good though because she got to meet some members. So yeah that's Isabel, I kind of feel like I just went through another break up (like the Lucia situation where we gave Lucia to the sisters to teach) but it'll be better for Isabel this way. 

As for Endira we haven't been able to have much contact... it is so frustrating!! We set up charlas and give her a commitment, then we say to ourselves if we go and she hasn't done her commitment we have to explain to her that we can't keep coming by. But the thing is that every time we set up a charla she is never there!!! So then we are like well we can't just drop her, we need to actually talk to her. It's a pitiful cycle, but hopefully we can break it this week.

This week hasn't been too great, kind of been rough finding people to teach. But I don't know if I ever told you about Paula and her family. Elder Ochoa and I found her but never really could find time to have a charla with them... Until this week. We have had two awesome charlas with Paula and her boyfriend Raul, yeah boyfriend. They aren't married, but they have two little boys. Tiago who is 6 and Camilo who is 4... I think. But they are super awesome, like they invited us to come make pizzas in their brick oven some day!!! Haha and Paula said yeah we need to make a little coffee next time you guys come over cause it is getting kind of cold, and Elder Webber was like ugh oooor hot chocolate, we really like hot chocolate. I guess we will have to explain the Word of Wisdom next time if they bring the coffee out. 

But things are going super great down here, I'm super excited to see you guys tomorrow. 

Mags have an awesome day again!!! love you all.
Elder England

Typical street...

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