Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Part Of Mission Life

 Elder Webber and I are ready to go!


So it's been a rainy kind of week with the weather... but in regards to our investigators everything is looking quite great! St. George weekend... that is something that I miss a lot is the fun super tranquilo trips to St. Geezy and Cali. Enjoy the fun.. and the sun for me will ya! It's gettin chilly... but like really cold. And it doesn't help that we are right on the coast. The majical beach house has now turned into the freezing igloo. haha no it's not that bad inside... YET. But I am super glad for the thermals. So like I said it was raining a lot this week and the rain is absolutely horrible as a missionary not only because we are just walking around outside in the cold but because we also have scriptures and pamphlets and agendas to keeps dry... and yes all of the above got wet this week. Also, we have to put our clothes outside on lines to dry. So now all of the chairs and cabinet doors have turned into our clothes lines. Also it's so humid that it takes a solid day or so to dry everything out... but it's just all part of the mission life:) 

But the investigators are going great! Sandra, we have already taught everything she needs to learn and she has accepted everything. About the situation with the boyfriend.. she realized that she does not want to get married to him and that it would be better for her and her kids if she tells him to leave. So she did.. she is really awesome, oh and also she lives with two of her sons who are 12 and like 16. The 12 year old is already baptized and is an awesome example for the family and the 16 year old kid has talked with missionaries before and has actually read like 300 pages in the Book of Mormon! When they told us that we were so shocked. They didn't seem like it was something that extreme, but what they don't realize is that that is more than a lot of members have read. So she should be baptized in a week from today.. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Diego is doing good, we had a lesson yesterday with him. The problem with him is that he doubts a lot and doesn't feel that he is sure about a lot of things, so we asked him is he has been reading and praying and he said no:() So he told us that he would and we are going to verify today with him. 

Sergio is doing good too. We are working with him to stop drinking and smoking. We also had a charla wih him yesterday and we are going to go by today to see how he is. Hopefully they can all make it to church on Sunday. 

OH and Paula and Raul... we came out and told them that they need to get married and Raul didn't take it very well. But after a good charla he agreed to pray about it and we are going to see today. Seriously we have seen so much help from God with all of these investigators. We just have to keep going til they make it to baptism... and then keep working even harder haha it never ends:)

Have an awesome week, say hi to the St George crew.

Love you all,
Elder England

Out and about in Carrasco!

We got some icecream...Yummm!

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