Monday, May 19, 2014

Awesome Opportunity To Use The Priesthood

Just having some lunch!

Hello fam bam!!!

So we switched P day... again. We were going to go get a package for Elder Webber that is stuck in customs or some place, but they were not open on Saturday so we changed our P day to today. But this week I will have P day on Saturday again as usual. So it was super awesome to talk to you guys!!! I feel like such an awkward missionary, and it's so frustrating. After skype both Elder Webber and I were saying how weird we are and how there was so many things to say but we didn't know what to say in the moment. We were both so out of it and thinking about the family that we missed our bus stop for our house and had to run super far back to the house to make it home on time. But the next day we were better. Holy cow this week has gone by so fast, I feel like I talked to  you guys yesterday. I think I'm turning into THAT awkward missionary, haha and it's just going to keep getting worse. 

I'm sorry to hear about Cole, I'll keep him in my prayers. I loved how he raised his hand and made an L with his fingers.... classic Cole. He is such a strong kid!!! School is almost out... wow I can't believe that it has almost been a year since I graduated. And I can't believe how big everyone is getting, especiall Soph. She looks so big, but I realized while skyping that she is still the same weird little sister as before. Summer plans sound super fun. The tables have turned once again, i'ts getting to be summer there and the winter is a comin here. The thermals are going to work like a charm;)

So this week was actually a pretty awesome week... up until Sunday. On Saturday night we had everything set up for Sandra, Sergio and Diego to go to church. But the only one that got there was Sandra, but with Sandra we just found out that the father of her two sons, I guess her boyfriend, might be living with her now... Noooooooooo!!!! That means that we have to help her get married or that he can't live there with them before she is baptized. We have a charla with them today, and we are going to explain the situation. But the good thing is that she really wants to get baptized. I don't know if I told you very much about her, but Sandra has talked with the missionaries a lot before but has had a lot of trials, especially with her health. Yesterday she asked us to give her a blessing. It is such an awesome opportunity to use the priesthood I hold to help other people. I thought a lot about the scripture in D&C 121:45 about how our confidence will wax strong in the presence of the Lord and the doctrine of the priesthood will distill upon our souls if we let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly. I felt an amazing feeling of confidence when giving that blessing. Confidence in God. Confidence in the priesthood and the things that it can do. And confidence in myself and that I am living worthily to use the priesthood I hold. About the other investigators, Sergio and Diego, we are just trying to get in contact with them and help them to progress. 

This week should be a good one!!! I have faith that these people are going to progress.

Fun fact: Uruguayans love driving motorcycles and and vespas... even in the winter. Also it is pretty impressive how many people and just stuff they can fit on their motos. Also many times I see people drinking matte while driving their whole family on their single person mo-ped... It's a skill only Urugauyans possess, and probably a skill that only the Uruguayans want, but whatcha gonna do?

¨Well, I forgot my check book. Hope you don't mind I pay you in change.¨  ... If you got that quote I commend you. I tend to say it a lot when there is nothing left to say. Or this other one, ¨Big gulps huh? we'll see ya later!¨ 

Have a great week everyone, I love you way more than you will ever know!!
Elder England

I almost got it!

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