Monday, October 14, 2013

Washington's Baptism

Washington's baptism!

Hola crazies!!!

I don't have much time today, we got to the computers late. But everything is going great! I got the package with my talk and all of the letters you guys wrote. Thanks so much for those!!! I know that Dalts B day is in October but I don't know what day, so if it already happened I hope you had a great day and if it hasn't then have a great day!

I love reading letters from you guys it really pumps me up! Obviously I miss you guys, like a lot!!!! But you guys really help me to remember why I am here. 

Yesterday was Washingtons baptism!!!! He is so awesome, and I just know that he is going to be an amazing member (hopefully it will turn out better than the whole Juan situation). But the baptism was awesome, Elder Marroquin and I actually sang I Am A Child Of God in front of everyone because we had to fill some time. But other than our singing the baptism was so perfect, his son and wife came, and we are going to try to talk to them a little more. 

My spanish is getting better, I can really feel your prayers and the Lord helping me to speak. I actually bore my testimony in sacrament meeting.

Anyways I have to go I love you more than you will ever know!

We painted one of the rooms in Washington's house

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