Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She Didn't Know Which Church To Go To

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!
Wow there was a lot to read this week. But I love reading about home, and what is going on! I am also going to try to write hand written letters this week, so we'll see how that goes. Wow so much is going on at home! I miss you guys so much, but I'm here to stay! Dad had to have surgery, Bo had to get glasses, and eveyone else is running around. Dad I hope you get feeling better, sounds pretty darn painful! Bo you should totally where the sports goggles in your soccer and football games!!!!!!! Mom your awesome, I never understood how you can do so much, be so busy and still function. You are awesome!!!

These weeks really are flying by!!! Elder Marroquin´s knee has been hurting him for quite some time, and this week he said the pain was really bad. So on Wednesday we went to the ER and had a doctor look at it. He said that it wasn't anything really bad, I actually didn't really understand what it was but he said that all he can really do is take some medication and if it hurts rest it. So he has been resting his leg in the house while I have been leaving and preaching with Elder Canete (because Elder Segura´s leg has been hurting him too). I guess all the walking in the mission destroys your legs haha. It's actually really hard for them, especially Elder Marroquin cause he only has two weeks left, and he wants to teach and get out of the house but he can't. I wish there was something that I could do for him. But I have learned a lot this week. Because Elder Canete doesn't know anything about my area, I have had to kind of be the trainer and decide what we are going to do and where we are going to go. I really think that it was good for me.
Also I have been talking a lot more than before, I am so grateful for how much the Lord has helped me with my Spanish. At first when I arrived I was really overwhelmed with living with three people who didn't speak English, but now I can see what a blessing it has been to me.
With our investigators, it's going okay. Alejandra is progressing, she actually came to church yesterday!!! but I'm pretty sure that she fell asleep, because I heard her start snoring. Hahaha it was so funny! But yeah she is doing great and I'm 99% sure that she is going to be  baptized in the near future. We also had another one of our investigators come to church! Elder Canete and I talked to this one lady named Carmen for the first time on Saturday, and talked with her. She was really interested, because she is from a different church and says that she has been going to a lot of churches. But something she said was that in none of the churches she felt the presence of the Lord, that is how she described it. Oh and also she said that before we arrived she was thinking and felt that she needed to go to a church but she didn't know which church to go to. Wow it was crazy how we just happened to go to her house right then, actually I know that it wasn't just something that happened. I may not have realized at the time but the spirit was guiding us. I have been trying to listen to the spirit more, it's hard but I feel like I am learning more and more.
Oh something random, It's always awkward when we are just walking in the street and my hand and Elder Marroquin´s hand touch. I've realized lately that it happens a lot! Everytime it happens I never say anything, because I don't think that he notices. Anyways - weird missionary moments!
I love you all more than you will ever know!!!! Have a great week
Elder England

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