Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Am Doing Great!

Hola Familia,

I just read through your emails really quick and don't worry I will obviously write you guys the longest and make sure that I spend most of my time talking to you. Mom you still over explain everything to me haha I feel like im back at home. Anyways I''ve had a great week, It's gone by so fast! I have had plenty of cool spiritual experiences. for example, my teachers (who I love, they're awesome) were stressing one day about the importance of making sure that we show our investigators that we love them and that we are there to help them. and the next day Elder Patton and I were teaching our "investigator" and I had been thinking that I needed to lose myself in the work. So I tried to stop thinking about myself, and I tried to think about my investigator while doing everything. and our lesson just went really well, and we did a better job of letting her know that we love her and are there to provide support and help with anything. Oh then the next lesson with her we got to the restoration and we were talking to her about Jose Smith and I had memorized the first vision in Spanish so I recited it with her, and the spirit was seriously so strong! It was awesome and that same lesson we got her to commit to be baptized! Elder Patton and I work really well together and his spanish is pretty good for being here for two weeks, its definitely better than mine. but I can see definite improvements in my spanish.

I just feel great, ever since that first fast sunday things have been going great. I only wish I could say that for some of the missionaries in my district. Some are struggling with the language and others with being away from home. I've prayed for them a lot, but some of them just don't seem to be getting better. I just wish that they wouldn't get discouraged because the language will come. It's just like a scripture Ether 12:4 it says something like you won't recieve until after the trial of your faith. But then with all that one missionary told us his conversion story cause he is a convert, and he said that his family does not support him and when they found out he had been baptized like three years ago they just shunned him pretty much. This all got me thinking and I was confused about why I am so blessed? Why am I blessed with such a great family that is strong in the church and loves and supports me? Why am I doing so great out here while others are struggling? I haven't yet got a real answer to my question but I read my patriarchal blessing the other day and it said that I am a pure vessel, a chosen individual. and I guess that just gave me peace and helped me understand that all of us are different and all of us progress at different rates. it's just hard for me to see my district struggle... but I am doing great.

Anyways on a lighter note, I play soccer like everyday with the latinos, or I did. Everyone that was here left on Tuesday for their missions except for my district and another district. It was pretty sad, cause I had made so many new friends, most of which were latinos. I think we really bonded when playing soccer. Elder Venagas gave me a tie the day before he left, it is now my favorite tie and I'm wearing it right now. On the back of it it says Para Elder England De Elder Venegas. I'm going to miss Venegas a lot. Also Elders De La Serna and Cantero were really cool I would play soccer with them and eat with them like everyday. haha then there is Elder Tellez the funniest guy I'll ever meet. I don't even know how it started but we called each other Tupac and Eminem and we are going to make a rap video some day together it's gonna be awesome. I really am going to miss them all. oh and there is our roomates... we had two chileans in our room with us. They were the nicest guys, and one was really small and suuuuuuper cute. We had some really good conversations with those guys, only because one of them spoke pretty good english.Yeah Im going to miss them a lot, I'm starting to realize that a mission is chuck full of goodbyes.

Some other funny things that have happened, in sacrament meeting the presidents wife spoke and she read like a story/poem, and I could have sworn it was grandma Joan up there reading one of her stories! Um yesterday morning I tried to pop a zit, but yeah it definitely wasn't ready. IT HURT SO BAD! I felt bad that Christ had to suffer through that cause I'm pretty sure that was the most painful thing that I've ever felt.

Everyone left, which means that we have more coming. A butt load to be excact, there are like 30 latinos and 40 North American's coming in today, and I know one of the kids coming down. his name is Elder Devashrayee, he is really cool. Anyways I hope these latinos are as funny and cool as the last group.

On satruday we get to go proselyting!!! We can actually leave this prison... No it's not that bad, but I am way excited it's going to be awesome! I love reading the letters that you packed me, in fact I get to open one today. but I haven' t gotten any dear elders at all. Yeah it was nice hearing from ya fam, oh wait I didnt hear from you until today. Anyways I love you all keep writing and letting me know what's goin on. I'll update you on mailing and dear elders.
Te amo,
Elder England

Me and Elder Patton and my District in Front of 
the Buenos Aires Temple

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