Friday, July 12, 2013

First Week In The Argentina MTC


It is P day, yeah sorry I didn't tell you in my first email but p day is on Thursdays. uhhh where to start, this has been a pretty crazy week! First our whole adventure getting down here was crazy, and now I'm in the MTC for 6 weeks. Thank you for the letters I really just wanted to open them all up at once, but I haven't. I get really excited to open them even though they are just little things, they make my day and really brighten my spirits. The first couple days were really hard for me. I was really homesick and I was just really overwhelmed with everything. Our schedule is rough, we are always doing stuff and never have any time to even think about anything. But yeah so I was a little depressed like the first three days. But Saturday night I just prayed really hard that things would get better, that I would get better with the language, and be able to handle the schedule, and that I wouldn't be homesick (oh and dad that letter really helped me). and then Sunday was just awesome, it was fast Sunday too so I'm pretty sure that just amplified the spirit all day. We had an awesome sacrament/testimony meeting and I literally could not stop crying the whole meeting, yeah I'm pretty sure my companion was like oh boy I got one of these kids, haha no but I really like my companion. His name is Elder Patton, and he is our district leader, but it is kind of weird because I am the senior companion. Anyways ever since Sunday I have been having a great time here. My district is really cool, there are four of us that are going to Uruguay and then the rest are going to Paraguay. haha that other elder, that was kind of short and stalky and he was singing, is Elder Tucker. He is pretty hilarious, but also gets pretty dang annoying sometimes. but he is in my district, so that makes the day less boring. I really can tell the difference in my spanish already. Elder Patton and I have an investigator named Jacquelline, and we have to teach in Spanish. Elder Pattons spanish is better than mine and at first I was a little envious but through our lessons with Jacquelline I have come to be veeeeerrry grateful for that. I think that our lessons are going pretty good though, it's hard because she isn't a real investigator, it's just our teacher pretending and also it's really hard to get her to understand when speaking spanish; but I can tell that I'm improving. It's pretty crazy, but just like Macy said, my prayers are being answered with such clearness (I dont know if that's a word or if it makes sense that's just the best way I could describe it) and it's not just some of the things I pray about but literally everything I pray about or i ask for is being given to me! So if you guys want me to pray for anything, I'm pretty sure it will happen! Just let me know;)

In all seriousness, there are two latinos that we share our room with and one of them was asking questions and just talking to us about how we knew that things were true and how we knew when we were feeling the spirit. So we were talking to them and trying to explain all that we knew, but I could still feel that he needed something more. So I prayed that he would feel the spirit and that he would know that he is feeling the spirit -oh and we were also sharing some scriptures. He showed us some cool scriptures and told us of some spiritual experiences he had, and I showed him a couple too one was in Moroni 10 and it said that you can come to know the truth of all things by the power of the spirit or something. Anyways the next day we asked him if he felt the spirit and he said yeah and he said that his testimony is growing. Anyways just simple things like that that I pray about that are all happening, it's really strengthening my testimony.

I feel like I'm just all over the place so sorry about that, I'm just trying to fit everything in. Oh and they said that we couldn't take pictures until like the last day in the MTC! I have no clue why but they just said that. I'll probably sneak some pictures in, cause all of my latino friends are all leaving before then. But, once I'm in the mission field I definitely will send pictures!  Um the mailing situation I'm still not sure about, I haven't gotten anything yet. But I heard that dear elders usually come every week on P day so Thursday. But I have an HOUR of emailing time, so that's good. Anyways I've made a lot of new friends, everyone here is really nice... except the president. haha just kidding he is just really strict and really scares me. El Presidente you frighten me.  But I love all the latinos they are so funny, there is this really crazy one named Elder Tellez. He is literally insane and cant hold still for even a second but he is the funniest person I have ever met and I'm being completely honest. And there are actually quite a bit of latina sister missionaries. Some of them call me Peter Pan cause apparently I look like Peter Pan, and they have also called me a golden retriever... I dont see it. Oh and this weirdo in the airport was talking to us for a little bit and he seemed interested so we were trying to talk to him about religion a little but he was like wow what are you trying to do proselyte (dont know how to spell that) and I kind of wanted to say umm yeah we are missionaries! ...but we were like oh we were just wondering what your religious background is. And he was like I dont want to talk about it and then he said that I have a baby face! Okay thanks random guy in the airport that wants to talk to missionaries, but doesn't want to talk about religion. Oh and it's not like I was already depressed about leaving my family for two years or anything. Haha no it was actually pretty funny!

Hey let me know how everyone is doing!!! And send an email saying that you sent stuff, cause I dont know how long it takes for stuff to get down here. I'm sure your sending dear elders or something, so I'll probably get those next week. but you can write me emails to, I have an hour so... also let me know how Mace is doing. She is in Colorado already right? Well I'll talk to you guys in another week. It'll come fast! There is something that I've heard a lot - that while your on your mission espescially in the MTC, "the days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days." I dont know if I can say that about this week, it's been more like the days feel like months and this week has felt like a lifetime! It really feels like so long ago that I said goodbye to  you guys at the airport. But it's starting to speed up and nest week will come in no time.

Te amo,
Elder England

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