Monday, June 1, 2015

You Are Lucky When That Happens

Happy Birthday Grandma June!!! 

Hey friends! Okay mom, I will definitely do that on my last P-Day. It's a good thing that I have so much time left on my mission still ;) Thank you Kenna for the email. I kind of got a little emotional as I read. I really am going to miss the mission. This place is so special for me. It has helped me way more than I had ever imagined it could. You guys look amazing in the picture. I just want to hug you all to death. Mace I'm excited for you. Justin meets my standards... 1. Utah fan... Check! 

Congrats Bo for making the team. I'm excited to play soccer with you when I get home. Sounds like there will be more drill in the fam. It seems like it will never end. Just make sure Bo doesn't go back into his drill phase! Mags congrats for graduating seminary haha.

Wow it was an amazing week! We had two intercambios. The first one we went to work in Carmen. Carmen is a pueblito of about 1000 people. I think that it is the smallest area in our mission. There are literally more dogs than people, well now that I think of it I think that is generally the case everywhere in Uruguay. But I think you get the idea. Their chapel is a little house with a little shed out back that they made for the sacrament room. However, it may have been one of the most edifying intercambios that I have ever had. Elder Gomez the missionary that I worked with has been stiving so hard to consecrate himself, and we felt the effects of our efforts. They also had a baptism that day and we were able to interview their investigator and help with the preparations for the baptism. Lilian the lady that was baptized is probably now the strongest member in Carmen. She is amazing. She has been going to church for like 6 months now or more. The only thing was that she wasn't married. But she was married on Monday and baptized on Tuesday. It was a great day.

Carlos!!! He is going to be baptised on the 13th! It is going to be my last Saturday in Uruguay. It was very interesting the lesson where he accepted the invitation to be baptized. Before the lesson that we had on Wednesday with him and his wife Carmen, he still didn't feel sure about making the decision to be baptized. We planned a great lesson to share with them, and we could tell that the spirit was working hard in him. Near the end of the lesson I felt super strongly that we should invite him directly to be baptized on the 6th. I was a little hesitant, but I felt it so strongly and understood it so clearly that I needed to invite him. So I did and he said, ¨Um... I don't know. that day is going to be very busy, but what about the week after that?¨ Obviously we were stunned by the answer. We had invited him so many times and had always received the same answer. We are all very excited for him and his family. They both showed up early to church and Carlos went with a white shirt and tie. He is going to be such a great disciple!

We are also seeing a lot of improvement as far as the work with members. We are trying to set up a charla with the stake pres this week to talk about goals and plans for this next month. We also have concilio on Friday, and we are going to go to the temple as a concilio!!! We are very excited. Then next week we have two conferrences. One that we are going to give on Tuesday and another that pres and the assistants will be giving here in Durazno and doing interviews on Thurday next week. We have the schedule full:) 

I am enjoying every second that I have here in Uruguay. Oh haha yesterday we were in lunch and we were all laughing at something... I can't remember what it was but I was laughing so hard that some of the flan that I was eating fell out of my mouth. I totally stopped laughing and looked around to see if anyone saw, but then Elder Martinez just busted up laughing. Then everyone started laughing because yes everyone saw it. You probably had to be there, but it was pretty funny. Oh also the other day in a charla a bird out of no where pooped right on my arm. Apparently it means that you are lucky when that happens here in Latino America, but I didn't consider myself so lucky.

I love you all more than you will ever know! Have a great week.

Sorry but the computer won't let me download pics. You can wait a little

Elder England

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