Monday, May 25, 2015

Finishing Our Missions With Honor

Hey freaks,

I like the pics... Dalt your head actually looks small for once, like mine! Happy Memorial Day! To be honest I think a lot of our family members that have passed away. I feel a lot of times that they are helping me and pushing me to work hard. I'm still sharing Ti voglio bene with missionaries, it's the best! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Wow I can't believe that was two years ago when we went to St George, don't worry I still sing in the shower... but don't only hymns. But guess what, I have realized on my mission that my musical talents are... still none existant. Speaking of music, they just put on the song Piano Man here. Good ole Billy.

So this week has been pretty great. Carlos is doing very well. haha his wife wants him to get baptised so bad. In the last charla we had with them she said, ¨Yeah you should get baptised on June 6th cause it's my birthday!¨ she is so funny. But the lesson with them was amazing. There was a member family that came with us to the lesson. The family Alvarez (mom dad, and their 5 year old daughter). It was super spiritual and their testimonies were so powerful. The best part though was how direct they were with Carlos about the blessings that he can have if he gets baptised. We tried to help Carlos consider the eternal blessings that he can have through being baptised. Yesterday, he and his wife Carmen showed up early for church and were in all three hours and participated in the classes, it was great.

We also gave a little presentation in our ward council this week. Our ward mission leader, Daniel Hernandez, is amazing. He is also on the stake high council. But he talked with the bishopric to give us some time to explain the new initiative that the area seventy has sent to us. All of the changes that I have been telling you guys about come from this new initiative. It was a great opportunity to explain to the members that the missionary work in this ward belongs to them, and that we are just here to help them. We are here to be instuments for them to be able to strengthen their ward. The goal of the new initiative is to see real growth in the ward, to baptise, retain, and reactivate together all at the same time. Hopefully we can see more success implementing this in the ward.

With all that is going on and the plans that we have made for the zone, it will be a lot easier for me to stay focused and work hard. President Cook sent all the missionaries that are in there last change a letter explaining the importance of finishing our missions with honor. Luckily I have a great companion and a great distict leader that help me to continue improving and consecrating myself even more.

Thanks for all the love and support! You're the best, and I love you all more than you will ever know!

Elder England