Monday, May 18, 2015

Pet Spider

This is our pet spider. It is incredible! We have been giving it food
for like two weeks now. We started throwing flies on her web,
then smaller spiders, and yesterday she ate a cockroach.
It's ridiculous how much she eats. But she is still beautiful.

Howdy folks!

Wow was this a great week in Durazno. It was kind of crazy, but we have been seeing a lot of success in the zone. Something that all the changes in the mission have helpéd me to understand, is that all of the success that we are seeing is all thanks to the Lord. I loved your email Mace! I'll try and sharpen myself up. But this last week we did something to help all the missionaries consecrate themselves. We invited them all to fast and make a list of things that are impeding them from being obedient and reaching their potential. Then the district leaders are going to be asking every day how we are all doing with our lists. It has helped me a lot this last week, and I hope that it can motivate me to keep improving until the very end. 

Holy cow DREW!!! Thankfully he is okay. Hey Drew, did you speak to him in  Spanish? I think that would have caught him by surprise. Hopefully we can catch the little buger (I don't know how to spell that). Darn it I didn't write Matthew, but I will today. That would be awesome if he passed through Utah, I'd love to see him.

Dad your Sunday sounded pretty awesome!!! I'm sure you felt so great last night. One of my favorite feelings is laying down at night and realizing how tired I am because of everything that has happened that day. Your'e the man! NOOOO... iI'l be praying that they don't close the track, don't worry. 

Mags I am seriously so excited to go sky diving. I literally have thought of how amazing it would be to go sky diving so many times. My dreams will come true this summer. You better prepare yourself.

As far as my area, we are teaching a man named Carlos. Elder Martinez and Elder Stewart were already teaching him before. But he is the husband of a recent convert and he is so amazing. He went to church yesterday for the three hours. The thing with him is that he understands all that he needs to understand and he is seriously ready for baptism. He reads and prays, but for some reason feels that he needs to learn more before making the decision to be baptised. It is one of the most interesting situations that I've seen, just because he is so great and wants to be baptised. We are thinking that working more with members and involving them will help him to see that you don't need to know everything before getting baptised, and  that we are never in this life going to understand everything. But we will see how it goes this week.

I've been getting to know a lot of the members. I'm trying really hard to get to know them, just because I have so little time here. But there are some amazing members here in Durazno. 

Things are going great here. Thanks for all the support and love. You're the best. 

 I love you all more than you will ever know!

Elder England

Go Utes!
Me and Elder MIles before he left