Monday, April 20, 2015

We All Have Been Given Much, So Much Is Required

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful padres!

I love you two very very much and hope you have a swell day. Thank you so much for every single email that you have sent me, it really helps. I don't know how many times I have just busted out laughing while reading your emails. I think that you both have gotten 10 times more funny since I left. I think it's because I miss you both a lot. But your examples motivate me to give it my all. That is all I have seen you two do, is give it your all. You've given everything for us and for the gospel. Every day and literally everything that happens to me makes me realize how very blessed I am to have you as parents. We have all been given much, so much is required. Keep being the best parents ever!

I got the sock package!!! WE LOVE THE SOCKS! and we are all wearing them to our zone activity today. Yeah we are pretty cool cats, thanks to Care Bear. They were asking me yesterday for your email mom to thank you because they are so grateful, but I think that they are all too busy writing their own families right now. But they are very grateful and so am I.

Mom you need to get to work so that when I get home you can teach me about family history work. I want to get into it when I get home. Bo, sounds like you're doing awesome. Soph and Mags keep it up, and finish the school year strong... if you don't you'll regret it. Something that the mission has changed in me is just a desire to learn. I realized that I went to school with the goal of getting good grades no mas, but I wish I would have done it with a desire to learn. I also think I'm going to read a lot more when I get home... but we´ll see. I might be busy golfing or doing other stuff. But really so many of my desires have changed. It's like in The Fourth Missionary when he says that we should put all our desires and wants in a box and leave it at home, then when we get home we might find out that we don't want some of those things anymore. But don't worry, the box is still closed.

This week was pretty good. The zone kind of dropped a little. A lot of the investigators that we had, had problems and their baptisms are going to be pushed back. But we are trying a lot more to work with members. Also our retention in the zone went up. We were at like 20-25 percent last week, but this week we were at like 35%. I'll send you guys a newsletter that we do each week for the zone. It shows the baptisms we are going to have in the next three weeks and then we always have zone plans. They are just things that we focus on every week.

Karen is doing good. I'll explain a little more next week, we acutally have to go right now because we have a zone activity with all the missionaries and we have to prepare it. But Karen has to have an interview with Pres. Cook due to some past transgressions. So if she passes that (which I honestly believe she will) there will be no problem, she will be baptised. We don't know if Pres. can do it this week, but if he does she will be baptised on Saturday. 

I love you all very much!!! Oh no! I forgot my camera chord :( but I am taking more pics!

Love you all more than you will ever know,

Elder England

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